Kitchen meeting minutes 2/24

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Kitchen meeting

Will (Facilitating

Joshua (minutes)

Jay from Boston helping with Boston obrfm radio group

michael from PA part of nic at night

Dennis from  sunset park

Jen from legal

jose from Occupy Sunset park




Leah from occupy farms

Phoebe OTS



Mark from DA


External actions and events meetings:


Sunset Park board of Ed. Action

March 17th action

Doing Business proposed by ice

March 9th action by jen

Phoebe OTS action

Leah  compost action

Facilitation/ nvc  meeting about Hierarchy

Mark f29 food bank of America dA against ALEC

Sunday BBQ for East NY $150

Cools by Eric



Ice and Dennis Sunset park action:  a big action,  after school programs,  Beacon.  Two sites.  1 site shutting down, the other losing funding.

Total of 1000 kids involved with two sites,  Parents wanting to mobilize to put pressure on Officials.

March 16th.  Parents will be lining up to( about 800) apply for kids getting into a camp, starting as early as 2am.

800 meals wanted for March 16th/17 for the workshop.  Food can be prepared by them. People power is encouraged but not necessary.

a week or two later same amount of meals 800 for Townhall meeting.

Food donation is what is wanted, for both days.

Estimated cost is $3500 total for both events.  $1500 for the first one $2000 for the next.

James friendly suggestion;  use the first one for preliminary run, and then we can estimate for the next.

Will:  Who is directly from Ows in this event.

Ice: Directors on the two boards are in full suppport

Dennis:  Whole event put on by Occupy Suns. Park.

Ethan:  Liberty will be understaffed next month.


Proposal approved


Anti-oppression subgroup training about know your rights. Etc

March 9th 5pm -9 at Judson Mem.

after training documentary screening:  Cointellpro 101.

after screening a panel is planned with several speakers with food served hopefully,

no estimated number yet. Maybe 50 to 100.

On a Friday.

They can take care of transportation.

James: requests if Jen can get volunteers to help cook,

Jen : will look into it.  Tem

proposal Approved


Phoebe Occupy town sq. proposal

Tompkins sq.park event this sunday.

100 to 200 ppl.  OTS will probide cab fare.

FnB will be also serving there at 5pm

They can provide volunteers to help serve in the park.

Bill;  came up with a plan to make sandwiches on that day.

Ethan:  200 sandwiches is a lot of prep. (concern)

Bill: the intention is to not feed everyone since this is such short notice.

Bill plans to do everything at his place.  Has volunteers coming.

Will: can we have food redirected to Tompkins Sq.

Letetia;  ppl will be expecting food at 60 Wall.

Bill will pay for upfront, and wants to be reimbursed.

Bill:  $240 for bean salad and cookies, sandwiches

Ethan $300 is proposed.

$300 dollars, this sunday for 200 ppl.  At Tom SQ. park.  More Volunteers could be used

proposal passed.


Leah compost proposal.

David from east new York farms.

Time’s up has provided a bike to use for the compost.

Ethan :  Composting not problem, but it would need to be picked up every day.

Leah: can we incorporate this into our work?

Ethan:  Pastor Leo has been critical about the mess we’ve been making, so the composting will need to be very organized.

James:  We need to have someone extra to help this be implented.

Leah:  some of the process is relatively simple.

Will: this proposal is really just something that

Facilitation meeting

Mark F29

Marches will start around the city

Breakfast and lunch around Bryant park.  Is what is requested to protest ALEC.

300 ppl would be an estimate for this action.


Marches start at 11, so we’d need to be done before then.

Ice skating rink will be taken down two days before.

Faith: could we do granola bar and fruit for Breakfast, and focus more on lunches.

Bill:  Are we equipped for a lunch. Where will we make it?

Letetia: is willing to do lunches.

Mark:  ppl will plan to stay at Bryant Park during marches and that is where we can serve.  It’ll be from 9 to 3pm.

Ice: Thinks we can keep breakfasts very simple.  Ice can deliver with Faith.  Ethan will be getting items for us monday.  Fruit and Granola, maybe juices.  Letetia will coordinate for breakfast items.

Ethan thinks we can cover for everything within our budget. $420 is what is proposed for all of this.

$420 proposed, and breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Proposal Passed


March 17th action.

Justin proposed last Monday.  For st Patty’s day.  Want 300 baked potatoes.  DA will come back to us for more details.

Will said he can help with that.

BBQ by jOrdan for east New York.

BBQ  this coming monday.  The fifth BBQ,  $150  requested.  40 to 100 ppl.   Hoping to do it around noon.

Proposal passed.

Eric for Cultural occupation of liberty Sq. (Cools)

Action portion,  several figures are planned to show.

Ice says a vendor can provide inexpensive food for lunches

We can readjust the budget to make this work, take funds out of the breakfast budget and  one of the weekend allocations.

Everyday for all of march lunches provided. 100 portions $735 dollars per week. 273 from the sunday Flatbush site and 452 will come out of breakfast budget.

Total of $3270 for all the days of mar.  lunches.

Request for report back

Proposal passed.




one show up menu planner and another for task maker.

Need folks that have experience in kitchen to come help.

We have two volunteers that approached us for volunteers.

James has been learning the ways of the kitchen.

Carlton and Josh will try to reach out to volunteer services.



Zip cars what going on with that. Faith is asking to get attached to Chris’s account.

Jordan isn’t usually available on the weekends.

Proposal we need to get Faith money to so she can get the zip car.


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