Kitchen meeting minutes 2/2

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Will – fascilitating

Sage – restricted diets







Bless – breakfast coordinator


Devin – minutes

Agenda Items

* Announcement for Eric

* New finance point people

* BBQ on Saturday

* Tech shadowing kitchen to produce video and identify needs

* Handling SIS

* Transportation, what’s going on with that?

* Japanese public broadcasting television follow up story on kitchen

Announcement for Eric

* Building a cultural occupation in the park

* Allocation $600×5 meals

* Given back $600 in gift cards and wants to get cash

* I was given $600 in gift cards, paid $200 myself because the cards weren’t accepted.  Can I be given back the gift cards in exchange for cash.

* Josh was uncomortable because I spent more than the average.

* Food was uniquely expensive for that day.

* Q – Latisha – Is this food for people in the park?

* A – Yes, only for people in the park

* Facilitation: the allocation was already previously approved by kitchen.

* Q – is this a regular event?

* A – we want to make this a regular event.

* Q – he got $600, spent $200?

* A – ya

* Q – Is it coordinated with the group?

* A – Ok, we’ll coordinate

* Recap: given back the $600 gift cards, wants $600 in cash.  Josh liked it.

* Passed

BBQ on Saturday

* Last week we did a BBQ in East NY to support foreclosuse, spent $150, no food was wasted.

* Want to do it again Saturday for $200, 3pm, 50-100

* It’s a community engagement project

* Q: Will there be veggies?

* A: Ya

* Q: Do we have enough in our budget?

* A: Hours have to be flexible because we don’t have the money in our hands

* Accounting office is closed and we don’t know when we’ll be able to meet with them and get the money in time.

* Q: can we front the money?

* A: yes, if we get a valid receipt.

* Will volunteers to front the money.

* Q: what about this particular scenario appealed to finance?

* A: it wasn’t about my event, it was about financing kitchen


Tech shadowing Kitchen

* Tech wants to reach out to other working groups to find out what kitchen needs, help get it, document what kitchen does and put together a piece to highlight the work that gets done here.

* I’d like to coordinate with people in kitchen.

* We hope to make people look good.

* Proposal: I’d like to shadow you, do interviews about needs, wants, challenges, successes.

* Q: How many days?

* A: Just a few days – we want a quick turn around.

* Q: What do you want to film.

* A: Get a full picture of the daily process.

* Q: We have breakfast tomorrow, don’t know about off site kitchen…

* POP: we don’t need to coordinate now, just to decide if we like the idea.

* Q: Quickk summary: we have breakfast monday through friday, serverd at 60 wall and afternoons we have people cooking in East NY – 275 Liberty Ave.  Liberty bus stop cafe.  Ont he weekend we have another spot on downtown brooklyn at 33 flatbush.  dont know if we have permission to have people with cameras there.  I think it should be okay as long as the address isn’t revealled.  That’s saturdays for dinner.  Latisha does brunch on Saturdays. A church helps us serve brunch and lunch on Sundays.  Latisha prepares her food in Chinatown on eldgridge – project reach on eldgridge.  More details to come.

* Q: Do you know a picture contains a thousands words.

* A: Yes.

* Has anyone else embedded with kitchen?

* Currently there’s no one doing anything about kitchen.

* Facilitation: Any ammendments?

* Tell the truth!

* Do we want to have a breakout group to work out the details?

* Yes – breakout group

* Friendly ammendment: we have a breakout group that approves the plan.

* Approved!

* Anyone who wants to do the breakout group should get in contact with (773.270.3739)or

Japanese Public Broadcasting

* Working on a story about what’s going on with OWS.  Many Japanese people don’t know – but there’s lots going on.  I see a lot of activities with kitchen.  I’d like to film a meeting and a cooking session, delivery and hopefuilly some type of event – a rally or march.  I have a deadline I need to be done by next Thursday.  If there is something happening this weekend it’s perfect.  If not we can schedule something later on.

* Q: Have we received any proposals for the action on Saturday?

* A: Eric is planning an action in Liberty Square.

* Any questions or concerns about this?

* A: There are three options to see us cooking: (1) Latisha, (2) Flatbush, (3) Liberty Cafe.

* Propose a breakout group

* Passed with ammendment

New Finance Point People

* Nominating myself (Jordan) to be a finance point person.

* I have a van and lots of free time.  I think I could be super helpful.

* We don’t want to do the same dance we did with the Church.

* From Minutes – Ice and Joshua are the financial point people for the next month.  This was January 5th so we should be doing it either at this meeting or the next one.

* Friendly ammendment: If we change every month we might be being inefficient.

* By the agreement we consensed upon last time we’re supposed to chose it again on the 5th – which is impossible because we don’t have a meeting.  You’re asking for us to decide now.  Unless we got ammended otherwise we need to elect someone anyway.  I sugges deciding when we want to elect our next financial point people.  Do we want to do it tongiht or next meeting?

* Tempature check: don’t want to do it today or Sunday.

* Elect to do it Tuesday – people can be same or different.

* We’re going to wait til Tuesday.


* We need point people for the transportation working group.

* Chris with the zipcar will be back tonight.


* I take breakfast and hunger very seriously.

* The door is not open at SIS and it’s unacceptible.

* What can we do about this?

* Casper said if SIS can’t get it’s shit together we’re going to get a kitchen person the ability to enter SIS.

* If that doesn’t work we can stop relying on SIS for food storage.

* We’re supposed to have $271/morning for breakfast.

* Taz is right across the street and we can handle it there.

* I propose a storage room.

* Maybe we can get a deal from a resteraunt?

* Our breakfasts are big.

* How long do we need to wait to get on the list?

* Do we want to try to get someone on the list and check this out again on Sunday?  It’ll take some time to figure out a storage room.

* Bless will check out storage spaces.

* Carleton wants to volunteer to help serve.  I’ll get there and serve.

* Asking for food tomorrow in Brooklyn for a 20 person meeting.

* Josh will try to have a tray of food set aside for you.

* Anything gluten free will be appreciated.

* Location is schermerhorn blvd.  I have a car and live in bk so I can come get the food.

* Can you send more info to kitchen email address.

* We usually like to get proposals a week in advance.

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