Kitchen meeting minutes 2/14

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Curveball proposes we feed Liberty Square Cultural Occupation for the month of March.

$775/week for ~100 people

$100 misc. expense budget

optional $500 for stainless steel food trays

Ethan wonders where they’re purchasing meals for 75 cents/person, proposer thinks its an Indian place in the neighborhood but not exactly sure.

Concern about the cost from several people, this is a large budget.

Ethan asks if we could cook extra food at Liberty Cafe then refrigerate overnight for them in order to dramatically reduce cost. Proposer says he’s unable to speak to this.

The group agrees we need to have more information and someone who can accept or decline amendments, so this proposal is tabled. Curveball will return with a proposer who can speak authoritatively.


Forum on the Commons is back and proposing a $550 budget.

The event (4 meals across 3 days) was discussed previously, they were just missing a specific budget.

Ethan offers some materials for cooking to help minimize costs.

Jordan says they might collect donations.

Group reaches consensus and approves the budget.


Jordan is asking for groceries for the ENY foreclosure.

No gas or electricity, so they need to be non-perishable.

Will come back with a specific shopping list so we can have something to vote upon.


Will would like to discuss eliminating the Sunday meeting.

Ice had suggested this to him on Sunday and there was discussion on the Google Group in favor of it.

Temperature check: unanimous support for eliminating Sunday.

Someone observes having the remaining two meetings two days apart doesn’t make sense, should be space more evenly.

Will suggests Monday and Thursday. Ethan can’t do Thursdays and suggests Fridays instead.

Consensus, meetings are now Monday and Friday. Times unchanged.

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