Kitchen meeting minutes 1/31

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Meeting 1: Action and Events

















Facilitation – Will

Notes – Dayna


Pre-Agenda Proposals from Eco of Occupy Farms:


1. Farm has a greenhouse in the works. Wants input about what seeds to plant so Kitchen can use the food. Will form breakout to discuss.


2. Kitchen farm visit (camping, no car needed, tents available). Harlem line on Metro North to Wassaic. Have two harvests. Contact Eco at


3. Valentines Day, Tues 2/14: Bed in 1-5 in Washington Square Park. Dramatic breakup with BoA with march and “Automated Truth Telling Machines” labeling of ATMs. ~400


Ethan: meal at 6. can feed 400 out of E NY.

Bill: prep possibly the day before, someone to pick up

Dayna: Confirmed: We can have the leftover baked goods from Sea Shepherd’s Whalentines Day bake sale on 2/12. Someone will need to pick up at MooShoes (78 Orchard St) around 5:30/6. Call before you go to make sure it’s worth it (Dayna to make an extra batch of raspberry truffle brownies).

Ethan & Dayna: Ask for donated baked goods/daytime supplemental food. Kitchen may cover cost of ingredients




1. Bill: Note from Rafael of Liberty, metrocards – tabled to general operations meeting


Jay: Report back on health foods. Created a heart shaped single serving edible seed packet held together w/OWS stickers. Will work w/Eco for Vday action. Getting food from internships with the Squeeze Team. Wants to work on alternate currency for food from other vending locations. Possibly free foods from companies who support us

James: did it in Baltimore

Jason: can we get a lot of it for cheap/free. Suggests bring some to kitchen to see how to work into menu


Meeting 2: General Operations




















Facilitation – Will

Notes – Dayna




1. Bill: Metrocards @ Liberty Kitchen


2. Ethan: Announcement from Rafael @ Liberty Kitchen


3. Bless: Timeliness for breakfast


4. Jason: Independent working group to try to feed people as much as possible for free. Squats to feed. Send reps w/small budget $20-50, show pantries, make self sufficient.


5. James: Serve safe proposal w/Liberty from Rafael



1. Bill: Received 5 weekly unlimited and 20 $4.50 cards three weeks ago. Need the same again. Bill and Ethan to work out with Ice.


2. Ethan: Leo and Rafael are awesome but we need to be more respectful of their time. Rafael has provided rules:

Jason: How are we doing on volunteers?

Ethan: We need 6 qualified people. Sometimes have too many. Would like to try monthly sign up sheet.

Jason: Are we self sufficient for consumable supplies?

Ethan: Yes

Will: It should be the responsibility of everyone in Kitchen to make sure rules are followed

Ice: Supposed to have breakout group on food safety. Vevlyn and Lee Roy?

Ethan: NYC Food Handlers certif easy to get, costs $25. Rafael said he will have a trainer come.

Joshua: Weʼve incurred utility expenses weʼve not yet repaid. Need to sit down with Rafael for utilities and dishwasher.

Ethan: Leo and Rafael never asked for it. We offered to pay for utilities and never came through.

Will: We consensed upon it at a meeting.

Joshua: We have to commit to getting out of there on time.


3. Bless: Breakfast should be at 9, people donʼt get to eat until 11. SIS isnʼt open.

Casper: Shane opens SIS at 9 almost every day. SIS is now officially open at 10 now. If they canʼt open on time, Casper will pick people from Kitchen to open SIS just for Kitchen.

Jason: Has been trying to get himself and some other people on the list. Will do it himself if no one else will. We need to make a commitment to only take our things. Not

responsible for letting other people in to pick up their things.

Proposal: Shift breakfast pickup to 10 AM, serve at 10:30 AM, add Ice and Bless to list so they can get in, Jason as fallback.


4. Jason: Tomorrow meeting at 1 PM at 60 Wall to feed people without bureaucracy. Alternative kitchen: feeding people on minimal money. Should have a PB&J, beans and

rice, etc. reserve in case something goes wrong. Need to find new ways to feed. Kitchen needs to be prepared as the movement grows.


5. James: Rafael from Liberty will coordinate to train people for ServSafe certification. About 10 people active in Kitchen. Do not want to use knowledge to create hierarchy. Need people who know how to cook, but this is about food safety, serving process, etc. $25/person. Food handlers certification received is permanent, does not need to be renewed.

Jason: emphasize volunteers are learning a skill. Possibly 1 mo from now.

Additional Items

Will: Friday 8 PM, Max is throwing first Kitchen Social. Location TBA

Feliciano: Are we involved with a food pantry? Knows two that can donate monthly. One is SPSA.

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