Kitchen meeting minutes 1/26

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Eric chef






Repeating Tabled topic about being a part of the freeze with some exceptions


Max proposal

financial person for east Ny appointed

Telephone information

offsite kitchens




Breakfast by Bless and Ice


Breakfast this week was terrible.  Was late, was no way of getting milk, fruit, etc.  Bless does two things breakfast and

Ice: We’ll by the cereal aforetime and have it already boxed, with other items.  Then get a prepaid card to keep at sis for the daily milk and water, and fruits.  Will buy wagons to be more mobile.

Letetia;  Is it ok to keep the produce there or make stuff there.

Answer; no

Ice:  We’ll do the packing each day in the evening and sis said they could bring it down.

He’s looking for volunteers.


Telephone information by Ice


he proposed 4 phones for the kitchen for those that would go to actions.  Family plans require contracts.  Metropcs has 35$ per lines.  Cheapest phone is a $10 phone called ?  Insurance is $5 a month.

They would be kitchen phones so they could be passed around.  Maximum is $160 for phones, and $140 per month, and then pay just 1 month in advance.  We would then get $120 back after rebate.

$300 this month is the total not including rebate.


Proposal passed






Financial person for Liberty cafe


Getting a person to handle money, at ENY to order food directly instead of having to chase the financial  point ppl around

Tabled.  Joshua will look into who could do this.


Budget Freeze by joshua




Ice: There was suppose to be a breakout group about getting free things.

Stina; agrees that we could take a hiatus to regroup

Ice: Thinks we shouldn’t lose momentum, should find a voice.

Joshua:  Seems like we could be like a minority, where the majority votes and doesn’t allow us to have a voice.  GA never asked us what we thought.

Casper: perhaps slow it down.

Bill:  We’re suppose to go to GA, and mention how uncomfortable this position is


Max’s Proposal  Restructuring kitchen


Two different philosophical issues, one is based on feeding in general and the other one is based on Actions.  So he proposes we break out into smaller groups focused on their respective interests.


Sundays will be our large meetings at 3

Tuesdays and Thursday meetings can be be divided into these two subgroup meetings( actions and regular meals).    Each group meets on these days 8to 9 and then 9to 10 respectively. Hold in separate parts of the room.


Two week trial immediately  effective next Tues. mandatory that they be at 60 wall.  Meetings are separate.


Group night out?  Plan will be determined.  Fridays.  8pm.  Max  will not do this week but next.



Specialized diets  diversion; woman with siliac disease (gluten free) has needs that aren’t getting met.

Letetia:  Give us a list so we when we shop, we can by the things.




Jordan 702 vermont $150 for meetingfor 50ppl


time:?  About squatting community, o4o nycc eny general community.


Proposal passed

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