Kitchen meeting minutes 1/24

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Joshua (facilitating)

Will (minutes)









Chris O.





Transportation support

Kitchen request formatting


Direct Action food proposal

Kitchen Fund raising

Feeding 86th st.

Open Spaces

Deescalation security proposal’s

Record keeping

max’s proposal

Superfood Distribution.


Will announcement


Open Spaced event by Christina

Follow-up event to Alejandro’s Open Spaces event a few weeks ago.

Last time Kitchen fed it and everyone was happy, so we’d like to do it again!

Unity Hall: 235 W 23rd St, 2nd floor at 6pm this Friday

Asking to feed 75 people, will pick up the food themselves.

This is a one-time event, but we may want to make this a recurring proposal in the future.

Chris: I like this, this helps us with the problem of retention in OWS.

Consensus, approved!


Superfoods by Jay

It would be really good to promote healthy foods, like goji berries, bee pollen, etc.

Maybe we could make little bags of healthy things? Maybe with little info packets about them? Maybe use wooden tokens like the farmers’ markets? I can put together a proposal for this.

Eric: I suggested something like this last meeting and had a breakout group, I’ll be reporting back about this later this meeting.

Leroy: Vevlyn, Dayna, Thomas and myself had another breakout group about nutrition that has some overlap here as well.

Joshua: Jay, can you do the research on what you need in order to do what you’re talking about? Yes.


86th St. Church feeding by Dan

Dan: Can we continue this?

Joshua: This was already approved Sunday for another week.

Will recaps: $300, delivered as food (not cash) for breakfast and dinner.

Dan is confused about what’s happening now.

Will: Ice is financial point, Jordan is the church’s point. If you want to be involved, talk to one of them.


Transportation by Chris

We have problems sometimes with transportation.

Zipcar has a plan that is $250, prepaid. $25 of it is a sign-up fee, the rest is credit.

Could start as soon as Feb. 1st.

Under $8/hr for cheapest car.

Dayna: Zipcar offers discounts to people in certain organizations, maybe NLG?

Will: It’s risky to let others use the membership since it’s only for one person.

Chris: I’d be the only person using the membership, not shared.

Joshua: If a 2nd person wants to do this, they’d have to get their own membership, yes?

Chris: Yes.

Consensus, approved!


New proposal criteria by Bonnie

Bonnie passes around the new criteria.


Scheduling person by Joshua

We need someone to help schedule volunteers, maintain the volunteer list.

Thomas volunteers.



Food direct action group by Thomas

1st action, want to serve organic food at pop-up occupation.

2nd action on Jan. 31st will target Monsanto around the city, but not at courthouse.

$150 for pop-up occupation, $150 for Monsanto .

Pop-up occupation budget has some overlap budget with the project Max announced previously, Thomas, Max and Joshua will break out to discuss that one.

Ice will be Kitchen point, Thomas will be action point.

2nd proposal consensed upon.


Kitchen fundraising by Eric

Eric has an idea for a fundraising dinner that would feature farmers prominently.

Breakout group, talk to Eric!


Deescalation by Casper

Following up the previously-approved proposal from Deescalation.

It’s sometimes hard for just one person in Deescalation to receive funds because they’re spread out. Could we have Casper as a 2nd point person and give half the money to Rafael as previously-approved, then the other half to Casper?

Consensus, approved.


Record keeping by Dayna

Suggesting that people turning in receipts start sending digital (or paper) copies of receipts to record keeping.

Will: Photos of receipts can be unclear, have to make sure people keep the hard receipts as well.

Joshua and Thomas think this is cumbersome.

Thomas: What if you can’t pay for copies?

Joshua: Just take a dollar out of the fund you’re showing receipts for.

Will: Could we have bookkeeping coordinate with the financial point people to get the receipts, rather than relying on every person to send a copy?

Christina: People should just be responsible and do it.

Thomas: Let’s have a document we give people with their money explaining they have to do that.

Joshua: Can we make this a 1 week trial?

Dayna: Two weeks, one week isn’t enough to show results.

Consensus, approved.


Chris’s knife by Joshua

We approved replacing Chris’s broken one a long time ago, and while he’s bought one he hasn’t been reimbursed, yet.


Feeding Spokes tomorrow by Will

Daniel from facilitation called, let us know that Spokes Council will be at the Quaker Meeting House at 7pm tomorrow, wants to know if we can deliver there?

Bill will give the driver’s contact info to Will so it may be relayed to Daniel.


Latif of Project Reach

The group lends their kitchen to Leticia for her weekend OWS meals.

Gives us a history of his group. Multi-culture, multi-gender group doing work across the city. 40Th anniversary!

Group used to be primarily Chinese, but after opening to other ethnicities, Chinese constituency dropped. Now trying to re-include them.

Has a strong focus on LGBTQI issues, known for their homophobia work. Does retreats.

Two events, Feb. 9th and 10th.

Consensus, approved.

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