Kitchen meeting minutes 1/22

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Will ( Facilitating)
Chris From 86th
Eric (chef)
Bill B


January 23 meeting at 702
group dynamic
86th st, food proposal’s
battery reimbursement

OccupyFarms and Feed the Movement.

Julia was delivering food as a participant of Feed the Movement every week up until the holidays.  Wanted to reconvene with us after the new year.  Julia was driving, but borrowing vehicles.  Not sure how she can deliver food, especially in the wintertime.  Farms do not have much produce now,  we would have to buy it.  She’s not sure about how FTM  can help us now.  They started this in Oct. to help bring fresh produce.  We would need to find new contacts for produce and farm food.

Thomas, has made contacts with others who can help get us produce.  He’ll be reporting back when he gets together with occupyfarms.

Julia, never got gas reimbursement for her deliveries.  She’s wondering if we can.  Discussion about what Accounting has said.

Temperature check on approving the reimbursement pending Accounting approves the reimbursement.

Proposal passed.

J23 702 vermont. Meeting

Jordan would like beverages, and snacks for this meeting.  $150 is requested for this.  Ice and Jordan both want to work together on this event.  The plan is to have it be an outreach activity with the neighborhood.

question: Is it necessary to have snacks if food is being delivered?

?  can more trays of food be prepared. At E Ny?  Not sure because we may not have enough food at the kitchen, because we need to do shopping, and we may not have all the food until later tomorrow.

Temperature check about approving the $150 amount if food cannot be provided from ENy Libety cafe.

What should be the dollar amount?  $150 vs.  $75 as proposed  by Vevlyn,  For  hummus carrots etc. For 50 ppl.
She offers $100 because there may be the need for serving plates etc.
Bless offers $200 if there’s leftovers can bring the change back.

Vevlyn would like to know the menu for tomorrow.
Ice will coordinate w/ Liberty cafe, and spend the needed amount for beverages, and  serving supplies.  If no food, then he’ll buy the needed stuff.  Jordan  will be the pt person.

Chris for 86th st church

A number of people have felt uncomfortable with Dan being the point person at 86th.  Wants to establish,  another budget for them.  Jordan is volunteering to work with them.

Ice: Thomas can’t be the pt. Person for this week. He’s stepping aside.
Chris:  Says about 50 people are the estimated amount.
Ice:  Would  like to send them food instead of cash.  He wants to know how much food is needed to buy.
Joshua:  We originally decided, to have meals here at 60 Wall.  This is spreading us too thin.  We’re flooded by ppl.  Who want food and then vote at our meetings, but don’t help the kitchen.
Chris: the brunches and dinners at 60 Wall, don’t serve the needs to the churches, some of the tenants there are withheld because of cleaning and other things.
Julio:  thinks the best thing is to send food up there.
Will:  We’re veering off track.  We need to have an actual proposal.
Vevlyn.:  Would like to see another trial period    two weeks
Chris:  Would like to do a 1 week budget trial of $300 per week.
Ice: more importantly we need the numbers, cuz we can send the coffee.
$300 amount is too high for just coffee.
Chris:  Would like an amount for condiments, and other items.
Ice :  We can get them bread,  but we need to know amount of people.
Will:  $300 per week, for breafast and dinner as a back up to their food findings. And we’re sending food not money.  This is a trial basis.
Bless;  if we serve Breakfast why can’t they come down
Chris:  he was at the last kitchen meeting and the volunteers haven’t shown.
Will: this is a trial period,

trial period for 86th st proposal passed

Comment by Joshua>  this is setting a precedent for us to be pulled hither, thither and  yon by other groups who want food delivered by us.  This is why we discussed serving in one location.  We don’t have enough support.

Ice communications

4ppl.  Need phones. From Metro Pcs there are family plans. These phones can rotate to folk who go into actions.

Would this be instead of the phones we’re already once given?
Ice wants to get his own phone without anything from the kitchen. But at some point would like to get Cameras for livestreaming kitchen work to document the work we do ourselves.
Ice will be in the break out group. To find if this is contractual agreement, so no one will have to be the primary person signing.

Chef Eric’s proposal

Get stuff from Sis and then make our own OWS snack bar.  Also get donations from these bars, also take these to actions.    It will be like the RawRevolution bar.

Stacy: point of info; ryan and a few other people,  has offered a table to sell stuff by donation, all for occupiers.  Sunday market corner of 33rd and 2nd.

Question, about legality of receiving donations from ppl and companies.

Break out group about this.


Nutrition breakout group:

Creating a document, for kitchen to source food. non-corporate, small scale business,
Going to Farmer’s market to get gleanings and work-for-food service.
Also best practices document for kitchen
Some speakers about nutrition and feeding a difficult population.


Group Dynamic

Whenever we take an action we should see what it means,  Whenever we come up with a plan we should have all the details clear.  If proposals come before us we need to know if they’re arrestable or not.

Jordan Battery reimbursement

Jordan’s battery reimbursement.  Bill B bought him a new one cuz Jordan’s  battery was stolen.
$amount $111 He has the receipt.

Friendly amendment;  See if he can lock down the hood?  Jordan will report-back about what he
proposal passed


Joshua;  Was able to get gift cards for some of the costs, we have.  The amount on them are for Raphael, and for Eric for lunches he wants to serve at the park.  The cards had activation fees, so he wasn’t able to pay the exact amount, but more.  He’s not sure if the fees were worth the benefit the cards give.  Plus he’s not sure if the expenditures can be viewed on line.  He wasn’t able to get any cards from Accounting, they said to go get my own. He’ll check into viewing expenditures.

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