June 7, 2013 Assembly Notes

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*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

June 7, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba/11 in attendence (3) Newcomers

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection-

Next Actions-OSR(upcoming forums) discussions-dates and times listed on website, Some group members will again make Trip to Albany to fight for Publicly financed elections in NY STATE,  Anti-Ticket Quota- Action and rally -Date for Action-June 14, 2013@Zuccotti 31$ collected-30 to weekly metrocard…  june 13- june 22-are Bangladeshi worker solidarity actions.

Discussion/Reporbacks- Re-Occupation of Zuccotti, OWS Assembly discussion. Group also consented to release statement at next assembly on Solidarity with Turkish situation after more study but would attend solidarity actions as well as OWS Homecoming ‘deconstruction’ meeting. Left Forum-Strategy Discussion-group will flyer conference . Bangladeshi Worker Solidarity actions group will support(check website for dates and time), No decision or word on future actions on Golden Farm from NYCC or Occupy Kensington

Upcoming/Movement Building Meetings and Actions: Bill Johnsen will continue his Saturday Outreach and Occupy Sandy Resistance efforts and group consented on supporting it with leaflets for upcoming SIRR meetings within next month at his walk on 6-15-13.

Open Discussion-Discussion centered mostly around our support on Turkey situation, history of OWS and anarchy within it within it. New members had questions about OE and the Anarchists. AM also spoke of upcoming transit meetings and Crown Heights assembly next Sunday.

Close Meeting

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