June 28, 2013 Assembly Notes

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*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

June 28, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba/

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection-

Brief overview  of OE

Next ActionsSaturday June 29, 2013

Saturday June 29, 2013

Mobilize for Bangladeshi Workers // Mass Funeral Procession to SoHo Retailers

Petrosino Square, near Spring St. & Lafayette St. in Manhattan.12:00pm

Sunday June 30, 2013

OWS Alternative Banking Working Group Meeting

Columbia University International Building, 118th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, New York 3:00pm

Tuesday July 2, 2013

Labor Outreach of OWS -Working Group Meeting

60 Wall Street New York City, NY 6:30pm

Thursday July 4, 2013

Occupy Love (Developing Safer and More Respectful Spaces for healthier relationships and Movement Building)

60 Wall Street New York City, NY 6:30pm





July 5, 2013

99%/OWS-The Peoples Voice-Weekly Speakouts for Justice and Democracy

Federal Hall Steps 26 Wall Street New York City 5:30pm

99%/OWS City-Wide Coordination and Movement Building People’s Assembly*

Zuccotti Park New York City, NY 6:30pm

Proposal: Summer Schedule of actions including S17 (Most actions consented on refer to www.occuevolve.com for updated schedule).

Discussion/Reporbacks- OWS S 17 Meeting, LOC Forum, Cuomo, Golden Farm

Open Discussion-Strategy for Summer/becoming more organized. Group also gave most positive reviews for well facilitated OWS S17 meeting. Next meeting scheduled for 7-1-13@220 E.23RD Street @6:30pm

Close Meeting

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