July 20, 2012 Occu-Evolve notes…..

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July 20, 2012


Reportbacks/Announcements- Sumumba reportbacks from OTS OCCUPY QUEENS (Jackson Heights) occurring July 8m 2012,  OCCUPY ASTORIA/LONG ISLAND CITY, and the Rent strike being bottomlined by  Occupy Sunset Park-Occu-Evolve also has new website at www.occu-evolve.wordpress.com

Presentation-Hot Mess Authority of OWS-Steve B of OWS Outreach. In his presentation he spoke in part about ‘Time being a privilege and that mass arrests is the ‘best strategy’ going to jail for JUST cause—but what’s the implication of this action for the movement? How does it build anything in the movement? and a leaderless movement is not reality and can lead to certain individuals manipulating things in this movement. Ali brought up the fact that police brutality always been a problem,Naz said Brooklyn Bridge or Non-Violent March is what we need and will make proposal for it next week. Bill commented need to we need to be responsibke for our action. Steve B stated that a diversity of tactics ok but we need to codify and qualify it to positive actions that build our movement.  Other suggestions were that we bring music back to park, How often do we do stuff?  And how do we define our Central issues, Peripheral issues , important issues , and ‘nice and bad’ issues. Sumumba also said that there can be different types of Assemblies for different issues for example: -General Assemblies can be for  (Outreach/Orientation/Community Building), Action Assemblies can be (Movement Building and Communications/Coordination for Actions between groups) and Educational Assemblies (Informational/Presentations/Soap Box) and Cultural/Social Assemblies (also are informational/community building and fun)

Presentation for Symposium by Sandy, this symposium will consist of 9-10 Topics for a series of monthly  panel discussions between Occupiers and Experts. The structure to create and facilitate these event would be based on Values Based Consensus. This symposium would also be tool for (fundraising). Such authors and presented mentioned were –Noam Chomsky, Barbara Epstein, Naomi Klein, Bill Moyers, Chris Hedges, Todd Gitlin, Michael Moore ((a series of OWS speakers)), Matt Taibi, Cornell West, Joan Baez, Ben Cohen, Russell Simmons, Dr. Chavis, David Graber, Angela Davis, and Maya Angelou.  This symposium would also be for Community building over several months. Also participants said we needed to address accounting and possibly create another group to handle finances and that we’d need a Statement of Purpose,  and we need an accountant. Sandy has already created a OWS SYMPOSIUM WEPAY account.

Sandy also reported that ‘Host an Occupier will be transferred to website.  Hostaoccupier.org

32$ Collected-went to one metro card and rest of payment for banner and buttons which  totaled. 130.00$ of which 15.00 has been collected to this point.

Steve committed to doing a part-2 of his presentation on July 27, 2012

Sandy will also give update to both the OWS SYMPOSIUM and HOST A OCCUPIER programs.

Next meeting to be held at Liberty Park at 6:30pm on Friday 7-21-12.

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