Jobs for all (with slight modifications and preamble)–I suggest that this language be used when presenting the demand

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Jobs for ALL – A Massive Public Works and Public Service Program

We demand a massive, democratically controlled public works and public service
program, to create 25 million new jobs at good union wages. This is to be paid
for by new taxes on wealth, financial transactions, and corporate profits—as
well as by bringing American troops home, disbanding US mercenaries, ending aid
to authoritarian regimes, and closing overseas military bases. The new jobs will
aim to radically expand access to affordable education, healthcare, housing, and
clean energy—and are to be open to all, regardless of immigration status or
criminal record.


Many of us wish to effect a dramatic transformation of our society and economy,
in order that the 99% can control their workplaces, local communities, job
creation, and the global economy and environment. This is offered to the GA as
an initial, transitional demand, in the hope that others will follow, and to
help us build alliances with workers, the homeless, the unemployed and the
undocumented. We expect that as the movement grows we will make new demands on
ourselves, our society, and our government. Our movement is just beginning. The
demands we make and will make are but one of the ways we will take collective
control over our common world and common future.

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