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Although we are writing this for two audiences – 
the GA  and the world, I think that most of GA –
who want any proposal –
would find this acceptable.
Therefore, please consider the
JFA as if you are the world –

Outside of OWS considering
THEIR  positions and goals

We can ignore the fact that the koch money and
The murdoch machine and the tp lemmings are
ready to pounce.  A primary reason that Kerry
lost was that he drastically underestimated the
ability of the “enemy” to pull more lemmings
away from the truth – with the machine’s lies.
This machine has destroyed the Republican party.
This machine has check mated
Obama,   and the House,    and the Senate.

Yes I would like to fanaticize that we are smarter
and our numbers give us more power
than those who fell under the machine –
but that is not reality.
Total idealism can be very satisfying –
but it can make our goals unobtainable.
We can best achieve our goals by being prepared
and being wise and being stealthy.
We must give the enemy as little ammunition as
possible & anticipate their moves.
If we are not prepared & ignore the shit –
it will be thrown at us.
Our words in their hands can cost us dearly –
ask Orwell.

To the outsider – massive sounds threatening.
And gains us nothing – drop this word


I walked into my boss’s office and “demanded a massive raise”.
guess what I got.
I went to the parole board  &  I said “I demand to be set free”.     
I’m still in prison.
OR –

We can use the forceful word “demand” along with
”  and   we   will   work   for”
to make it completely clear that we are responsible for

and will work to achieve these goals. 

Amendment – replace first line

We demand and we will work for a public works
and public service program
with direct government
employment at prevailing (union) wages &
benefits paid for

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