January 4, 2013 ASSEMBLY NOTES…

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January 4, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali


About this assembly-Malu did presentation on the history of Occu-Evolve meeting and how they are conducted, with looser self-facilitation and open forum

Process –Sumumba-went over the process of Occu-Evolve, including values based consensus and decision making

Action Proposals:

MLK-Action/March-Rally to Actualize King’s Dream- 3rd week of January-logistics to be worked out by Action/Event Committee. Collaborate with Occu-Evolve (Jackson Heights). (Action dependent on capacity and collaboration between OE and Activists in Jackson Heights and logistics.-Louis (consented by group). Proposal Falls under mission statement

Anti-Quinn March and rally in Harlem in third week of February coincides with black history month (possibly have forum) –this  action falls under our mission statement, collective agreements, and would be coordinated under our Action/Event, labor, Human rights, Political Education and Outreach Committees-Sumumba (consented) with provision and understanding that this march is not only a ‘anti-Quinn’ but against all candidates tied to 1%.

Forum on Neo-Liberalism in New York City in late March or early April. Publish the first Quarterly Occu-Evolve newsletter or magazine (similar to TIDAL) but content vastly different and focused on primarily our five issues-Labor, Human Rights, Enovironment, Community Assemblies- – this action  falls under our mission statement and collective agreements and  would be coordinated under our Action/Event, Political Education, Labor human  and Outreach Committee. Omar, Malu, Sumumba, Ale-Proposer-Omar (Political Education Committee)-Omar

Occupy Crime Scene Investigation-already started actions seeks formal consensus.-Sumumba

Consent on Vision Statement-Submitted by OWS Visions and Goals WG-Djorge(TABLED)

*Point of information*One Year Anniversary of Occu-Evolve is February 1,2013-should we do something for it? (TABLED) NOTE: THE ONE year anniversary is actually February 24, 2013


OPEN DISCUSSION centered around Sandy and group consented on creating a committee within Occu-Evolve to address Sandy Questions



Occupy Sandy vs. Occupy Wall Street

Open Discussion

Direction of Occupy Wall Street whether it will turn into NGO and/or will it fight gentrification that’s coming after Sandy.


What happened to the original mission of Occupy Wall Street?

What is the relationship of Occupy Sandy to Occupy Wall Street?

Why (or ) is there a separation between Occupy Sandy and Occupy Wall Street?

What can be done to stop the gentrification and land grab of the 1% in Sandy’s wake?

Is environmental and relief work enough to mobilize people to fight for economic/social justice?

Is ‘Mutual Aid’ enough to bring power to the 99%?

Is it too late to stop eminent domain abuse in areas affected by Sandy?

Should Sandy hubs be working together or autonomously?

How do Sandy struggles relate to the fiscal issues or labor struggles like the Fast Food and Golden Workers?

Should we be organizing autonomously and doing more coordination between Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sandy?

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