January 25, 2013 Assembly Notes

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January 25, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali/Open Discussion-Bill


House- keeping/Next meeting/

Reportbacks-(Monday)Unity Day, Strike Debt, OSI Meeting , (Tuesday)LOC-Doug  42 pickets/Health Care for the 99%/Outreach (Wednesday) 99 Pickets, (Thursday)-Occupy Kensington GA meeting, Occupy Queens meeting, OCCU-EVOLVE(JACKSON HEIGHTS), Haiti Sweatshops? (Friday) Bus Strikers Rally, Union Rally? (Saturday)-OCSI, Citizens United Action, (Sunday)-Occupy The Subway,  DIRECT ACTION/rally GF, DA Meeting and Occupy Sandy Meeting

18$ collected went toward food and metrocard

Action Proposals: OE (Jackson Heights)-Community Assembly (consented on-Omar will bottomline action, dates and times)

Vision Statements tabled


Getting Back To What Brought us to Occupy Wall Street

-Where do we go and or how do we build or re-build Occupy Wall Street WITH or POST OCCUPY SANDY?


What is the relationship of Occupy Wall Street to politicians and political parties? 

Many valid points were raised during discussion but a broad agreement was reached that we wanted OWS and the Occupy Movement to be a effective MASS Movement above all else!

*No meeting scheduled for February 1, 2013 as group decided against assembly that conflicts with the Sandy Recovery Summit.


Present Issues of focus:

Stop and Frisk/Civil-Human Rights(Health Care, Housing and Education) –Works on issues related to stop and frisk, civil and human rights across the city.

Money out of Politics-Works with OWS Money out of Politics group as well as Money Out/Voters in Affinity Group –to get Money out of politics and end corporate personhood.

The Environment-From the Occupy Spectra Pipeline to other issues affecting our environment

Community Assemblies-Develops more COMMUNITY based assemblies in all communities in general and particularly working class and communities of color specifically. Working with existing Occupy Assemblies to increase diversity and a community base as well as Community Based Organizations already in existence

Labor-Works on Current labor struggles  works with (Labor Outreach Committee)Current Labor issues include: Golden Farm, Fast Food Workers, Walmart, Labor and Sandy and others.

Standing Committees of Occu-Evolve (Consented 12-14-12):

*Political/Education/Historical Committee-responsible for creation of outreach materials-visions and goals-as consented by Assembly

*Outreach Committee-Responsible for duplication of outreach materials and bottomlining outreach, speakers. Including Social Media-

*Action/Event Committee-responsible for organizing actions(staffing) and/or meeting spaces

*Data Entry/Archiving/Record Keeping Committee -Responsible for minutes, archiving group’s work

*Accounting Committee-fundraising –outreach, supporting Full-Time Occupiers, Occupations, fees to use for actions and or meetings-

NOTE: All committees constitute the central committee which initiates proposals and decisions based on our values, ethics, collective agreements and mission statement and are ultimately answerable to the entire assembly

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