January 11, 2013 Assembly Notes

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January 11, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali


Reportbacks: Marty did presentation on Forum on Haiti which is happening January 12th on 6 Harrison Street (Manhattan) at 6pm will post to group/listserve. John Dennie did a presentation for February 9th Action to keep the post office on Manor Road in Staten Island. (Group Consented on Supporting Action). 12pm-6pm. Carlos and Micheal did reportback on action on Monday at Waldorf and Action on Wednesday action @State of the State. Ali did reportback about march against Stop and Frisk and Christine Quinn’s support for it as well as Stop and Frisk trials of Carl Dix and others. 13 people have court cases, 4 have court dates and have to pay 250$ and costs of court. Dix has to spend 5 days in court because the judge called him ‘arrogant’. Occupy Sandy-Omar, Stop and Frisk, Money out of Politics, OWS Outreach/OK GA, LOC, Golden Farm/Occupy the Subway, -Bill spoke on February 2nd action for Staten Island. (Assembly Consented to support this action)

Action Proposals:

Publish the first Quarterly Occu-Evolve newsletter or magazine (similar to TIDAL) but content vastly different and focused on primarily our five issues-Labor, Human Rights, Environment, Community Assemblies- – this action  falls under our mission statement and collective agreements and  would be coordinated under our Action/Event, Political Education, Labor human  and Outreach Committee. Omar, Malu, Sumumba, Ale-Proposer-Omar (Political Education Committee)-(group consented)

Occupy Crime Scene Investigation-already started actions seeks formal consensus.-Sumumba(consented)

Consent on Vision Statement-Submitted by OWS Visions and Goals WG-(Tabled)

*Point of information*One Year Anniversary of Occu-Evolve is February 24, 2013 (Thursday)-should we do something for it? Consented action to be at Ethan Murphy’s place of employment to do anniversary action.

$9.00 collected

Theater 80 St. Marks Place between 1rst and 2ND Avenue can be used for a variety of issue. Pending logistics and future group action, OE will use facility for a variety of uses.



Group consented to participate in ‘The People’s Summit’February 1-3 in 520 Clinton-Occupy Sandy location at St. Matthew/Luke’s church and to deal with the Occupy Sandy situation there.


Open discussion-did not focus on Occupy Sandy nor OWS issue and was disrupted by one agitator and a group of former Occupiers afterwards but did commence with group agreeing to weekend actions.

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