Jan 21 Meeting Notes

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HC99 1/21 Meeting


Katie – Notetaker

Meir – Stack

Maureen – time

Danny – facilitator


Intros – Danny Lugassy, Maureen Miller, Katie Robbins, Danny CEMEP and Nadina Laspina, Alvin Stein, Meir Hamilton, Alec Pruchnicki, Louis Flores St V Activist, Luz and Theres from Coalition of Concerned Medical Pro, Amy Stewart HCN NYC-


Danny – Review hand signals

i)              Report Backs – Finance – Katie emailed and no response yet regarding the autonomous fundraising for HC99%. Also attended facilitation meeting, which discussed challenges in disruptions at the meetings. Danny on last Sunday’s event at Riverside Church on West Side. Amazing event – great performers and motivational speakers – on Monday – some of us went to Union Square for workers rally – Louis reported on action outside of St Vincent’s. They have put up construction wall. Rudin prepping even though the approval to do construction isn’t done.

  1. Meir – People’s Power Breakfast outside the Marriott –to protest Berger report. Unions, Save Our Safety Net Coalition, was a little bit of feedback upset about some of the messages she saw that we didn’t want to Sampson report which basically was to create primary care in Bklyn. Many of us expressed hesitation about keeping with OWS’ role of staying out of support for specific politicians, we didn’t want to put our name behind it. Some discussion on it over email. Her point was dialogue and I think we can all agree on that. Think about where we fit, and that our mission statement reflects that we can support these issues with focus on universal healthcare. Remember that anything we write online can get forwarded and misinterpreted.
  2. Meir – Working with other working groups – one is a google doc with contacts from all the other OWS working groups – people should just add to it. Meir, Josh, Katie can update everyone else can view it. Send info to update to owshealthcare@gmail.com

ii)             Luxury Condos Can’t Do CPR A St Vincent’s Community Assembly – 15 mins – Louis – Purpose of the LCCDC is a “town hall” to re-activate a community to give the community a sense of direction to fight for a hospital in that community. Right now there is no hospital on the lower west side of Manhattan.  The first of what could be a series of these events to reach communities that have been impacted by hospital closings and healthcare cuts. This could be the first of many –

  1. We have flyers! Flyered all over St Vincents on blue constructions things – we did have some conversations with folks – OWS Print made some flyers but they are not there on the weekends.  Will go back out again maybe Wed evening and Sat or Sun to have flyering, postering canvassing events.
  2. Outreach – this may happen for next weekend – we are trying to organize the flip board – something that we are borrowing an artist who made these signs that 6 people hold signs and sow different messages like “Occupy Wall St.” Will present messages to bigger group for vote process – but we will also hopefully go out next weekend with the message.
  3. Nadina says we should reach Penn South in Chelsea – leaflet – Nadina will get the word out there –
  4. Louis has a banner
  5. Email outreach? Danny?
  6. Facilitation – Laurie suggested 1/26 at 6pm at Demos at 26th and 5th Ave for training – CONFIRMED!

Format: outline sounds good according to temp check – Katie summarized event as follows:


6:05 – Welcome – Healthcare for the 99% welcomes group together and explain who we are and goals of the meeting (re-activate, re-energize, assemble democratically)


6:10pm – Yetta on background (penciled in)


6:15pm – Nurse Eileen (not yet confirmed)


6:20pm – Facilitation Training (5 mins?)


Break Out Groups – Groups of 10 to address the following questions (these are not set in stone, but are broad enough to generate discussion and ideas on actionable steps I think. All feedback is welcome):


How do we get a hospital in the Lower West Side of Manhattan?

How do we connect with other communities who have been impacted by the closure of St Vincent’s? and other hospital closings in NYC?

How does the St Vincent’s closure connect to the bigger fight of getting corporate greed and profit out of our healthcare system? What steps can we take to support a real publicly-funded, universal, equitable healthcare system.


7:15pm – Report Backs –


  1. Discussion on Proposals for Actionable Items – Work to build consensus amongst group if possible. If not, then move toward a next step like a follow up meeting to continue the process.
  2. Louis revealed banner – which is awesome!!
  3. Petitioning in community – to join Healthcare fort the 99% – as far as the meeting – we hope that we will get folks interested in the work.


Outreach Group Update – 8 mins – Danny L – Josh is working on designs for buttons, t-shirts, etc. There was a designer who handed out free 99% scarves (better than tshirts in the winter!)


As we get closer to the spring – it will be good to bring out tables and doing more foot traffic so that people are trained to talk to human beings about the issue.


Meir brought up Occupy Town Squares – talking about creating daytime only occupations at different places in the city –very temporary – so that set up for teach-ins workshops etc. can be organized. Washington Park on 1/29 Sunday will be first big tabling effort for Occupy Town Halls.  We should be there for the 1/31 outreach effort


Meir – OWS Design has been really great. Designing pamphlets for flyers and there will be a place online for all this stuff. They need statistics info, quotes, infographics, charts, anything we want in a flyer so that we can make the case for HC99, universal healthcare.  Email owshealthcare@gmail.com if you have ideas for flyers that include this info.




Danny – I’d like each of these meetings to end with an educational thing – someone each week can present on a new fact.

Maureen – 2/28 AMSA is going to have interns and residents conference in Reston, VA then please be in touch with Maureen.


Alan – distributed paper “The Occupation’s War Against Illness” – requested that he return with a more concrete action proposal.


Tuesday morning – 9:30 am – space where 25 W 43rd St – talking about current status of the ACA and legislative initiatives locally nationally and statewide and the woman from New York DOH is going to talk about what DOH is doing right now


Coalition of Concerned Medical Prof – work with docs, dnetists, preventitve medical care – more are people being denied healthcare. The cuts are getting more, we do trainings to be medical advocacys – access to healthcare to people – on Wed – we have some street medics from Occupy Queens joining us for a training, and we think HC99%ers can do training too in the future.


Suggested that we do a training with them on this to the whole Occupy community.


Sandy – Abortion demo for Roe v Wade – I think if we could get active in reproductive rights which are being attacked – we will expand our network.


Nadina – had mentioned that April 1 be a possible action regarding the changes to Medicaid and longterm care will transition to managed Medicaid longterm care.


Friday 1/27 6:30 – 9:30pm Judson Church workshop for Outreach and connect with projects that are happening


Tuesday 2/7 Mini-Lobby Day in Albany on single-payer universal healthcare.


Know it’s cold, but the speak out hasn’t been happening as much – we were doing it every couple of weeks. Since the holidays we haven’t been doing it as much. Maybe we can bring it back to do it once a month or so.


Danny – 90 seconds to educate –  discussion on bankruptcies and inadequacies of private insurance


Sam will facilitate next weeks meeting! See you Sunday 4pm at 60 Wall Street.









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