Meeting Minutes – Internet Working Group 10/16/2011

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Date: 11/16/2011
Audience: Working Group Members

To sum up: 3 sub working groups were proposed to make more efficient use of time:
Liaison – reaching out to other working groups to make sure they are using the web effectively, aware of one another’s projects as relevant to each other
Digital Strategy – catch all group, more or less – how to leverage the web to further build the OWS movement
Technical – immediate needs, regarding the NYCGA website – server side, DNS, etc

Hello Everybody
Sadly the BlogTalkRadio thing didn’t work out.
hopefully this google doc will be nimble enough to keep people posted. I’m going to try to keep up with what is being said. (we have yet to do intros.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE (if you want)!! (in no particular order ;-) Please write your names here.
1 Sam Boyer (sdboyer) – drupal dev , nyc resident, in portland atm for drupal summit, sfo next weekend for more drupal summit. have some absolutely huge interest here
2 Jake DeGroot
3 Jonathan Thaler – mobile web and mobile user experience
4 Jim Yanda (sundog) nobody wants to be 1? ;-)
5 Todd Grayson – online assist / systems architechture – emailed discussion items to iwg list
6 Dave Tarc (dtarc) Drupal developer living in Vancouver, in Portland for Drupal Summit

up to you guys.

Introductions going around.
Jake – Has been doing plenty of work on the v2 of the site, more on that soon. (the ga site?)
Lippe – Drupal site-builder, membership coordinator in a volunteer org that uses social tech.
Drew – Involved with GA and IWG since Aug 2. props for mustache
sundog – IT consultant drupal, database dev. also very interested in ‘framing’ – the words we use to talk about our values: – G. Lakoff; G. Brewer, etc. messaging
Bill – working with media, has been interviewed for intl media on OWS. interested in messaging
Perry – been at OWS for about a week, doing misc help on the site, content, CSS, etc.
Margarete – worked on the nycga website last week, working on moving content, CSS
Ron (Dr Ron on the mailing list). partners on LoudFeed, working on the test server, code @ github
Jonathan – runs, been at OWS for about a week. interested in implementing mobile web where useful for the movement
Ted – Technologist, large format multimedia producer, Open Source evangelist. working on hosting
Dan – worked on IWG & Open Source
Zack – been around for 3 weeks, technical background, coded robotics, doing SEO. help with SEO
Andrew – Access ti info, work w media, working on Occupy film production group
Felipe – been here for 1 wk, philosopher
Charles – trained consultant with unions, been here for over 1 month, does not live in NYC. interested in strategy, contact list management, how to leverage the tools…
Marcus – Sociologist, interest in new media, organized with Zapatistas in 1990s

Collecting agenda item proposals:
starting place:
2 broad categories:
a) updates/pracitcal stuff
-Git situation, use, training
-DNS switchover to hook up the URLS
-project management tools, are they effective, what are other options?
-SEO/google analytics

b)LONGER term conversations
-how to get people involved
-structure – decentralization – efficient use of people power, splitting into SubGroups
-transition of – how/what/strategy
-Add:Generic RoadMap

how to get people trained – how to delegate/enable groups to get their minutes/messages out, among movement, to general public

(Lippe) appear to be 2 scopes — We’re serving infrastructure for the physical presence, and bigger scale – SEO, online strategy, etc need to be aware of when these can be parted.
contrary point:
We need to get our resources to leverage global, ASAP.
resolution: smaller focus groups, allow structure conversation first, then get specialization

point of process – if we’re going to split (here, today), ??
to note – translations have no where to go. 20 languages in the works/ready for posting.

contrary idea – do NOT split the internet working group. oy.
back to the agenda – immediate, practical items now, structural issues later.

first agenda item: whether to subdivide IWG into Sub working groups:

Question – when is the site going to be ready??
Answer- were focused on getting hte NYCGA site redesigned and online. plenty of work, crazy hours.
staging server

last thursday training/demo session with as many working groups as could attend. timing was difficult, but good turnout. They are uploading content, 89 current users subscribed, people are learning how to get around within. disclaimer: work in progress, still more to do. next step: world facing site of the NYCGA (.net & .cc) currently still point at version 1.0
TIMELINE: sometime early THIS COMING WEEK. (ie next 24-72hrs)
Web Presence, in a nutshell:
Public face:
news, events, getting word out for actions. blog platform. = where to participate, decision-making, joining working groups

Status: Need further trainings for all working groups.
training screencast comments from online team: screen recording possible with narration so training always avail for new users online –
Structure – do we break up into smaller working groups within Internet?

So far, we’ve been working as a small group with a specific objective – launch of NYCGA.
Broadening out by adding more people.

SubCategory – group liaison – help all other working groups to get their stuff online
Technical Group/IT – hosting
IP Trademark, protecting domains? (Legal??)
external devs WG – how to network with outside world
transitionWG – occupywallst

3 simple categories –
1) messaging, communications
2) open source/ coders/
3) digital strategy

“digital strategy” should be its own group.

on the WP installation, each group can have it’s own location/subdomain.

Digital Strategy – includes plenty, a roadmap for the future application would be a big part of it.
opposition to splintering…
Thematic Group vs Working groups
discussion of theory, vs implementation (coding).

teams working on coding should be doing things based on GA/parent working group standards and requirements

point: digital strategy is crucial (we need to break out)
counter point: group hierarchies/overlapping can handle this, matter of semantics

suggestion – a development group that is small and autonomous, separate and distinct from a strategy group. – this is difficult to manage for the GA IMHO, strategy will float from implementation quickly
question is how far should they be separated. so the conversations are not exclusive of one another. How can we separate the threads of conversation, not the people?

Essentially, it’s an Information Architecture debate. Subgroups = depth, obscurity, difficulty of navigating signal

put to an action item – a digital strategy working group, separate the group. we keep cross posting to the lists, meetings can happen concurrently. back to the question – what are the relevant subgroups? allow subgroups to self-define.

Description of the current platform:
-basic unit are groups
– request – group hierarchy options (shows main WorkingGroups)
– can custom develop plugins
group redundancy is an enormous problem. aims to help consolidate groups, topics, conversations

suggestion – the ability to drill down to the task level, allow people to jump in and jump out.
counter point – institutional memory, redundancy, it costs time to allow people to get up to speed on a given task.

point of information on subgroups – each group has a forum. can be used for conversations within subgroups. are getting requests for project management (to do lists, action items.) this is for future development.

Ideas for formation of subcommittees:
[suggestion: lets not create anything yet, let’s let usage define these groups]
working progress list:
1 Site Development (code & design) – work on BOTH NYCGA &
2 Strategy (marketing, bodies, ideas,)
3 technical – migration, DNS, server side, back end etc
4 Liaisons within the OWS in NYC & Outreach to other OWS-affiliated

but it looks like were about to vote on whether or not to split.
these 4 groups above have been decided for now, we’re about to

Before we break up – everyone is going to discuss the rest of the agenda, decided by Consensus

specific questions: who is in charge of posting translations, training, specific tasks

New Agenda:
1–tasks for each subgroup. define their Mission, specifically. ie things for each subgroup to think about.
2-ways to assist documentation/transparency a META channel in some way. A parallel list serve?
3–WorkGroup Task Creation (liaison subgroup)

1 – Tasks for each Subgroup
– Back End Group – servers, email addresses, domain names, Git/Code, development workflow
– constitutionality, permissions,

– Site Development – wordpress, wordpress plugins, features sets, design working group, NYCGA, to OccupyWallST, and other sites.
— where the site is, what features are necessary to finish

– Internal Community Liaison AKA self organizing- teaching, training, what solutions the groups need, receiving people and directing them to specific tasks. Perry & Jill. Suggestion: Physical Suggestion Box, to be located in Liberty Park.

– External Community Liaison/Spreading the Message/Digital Strategy – overlap with sister occupations. to work on this. Digital Strategy – pulling content to different departments

Feature request: EducationWG needs a place to to get their agenda online and implemented, ditto with mediaWG.

Argument – documentation could be better, we’re doing something cool, a record would be not only good practice, it helps demonstrate we walk the walk – legitimated outcomes all the way.

Existence: Documentation SubgroupWG
Media Committee can be documented to make sure things get filmed that need to get filmed.
There’s a balancing act between documentation and productivity
Logging the IRC
Basecamp, IRC

Standard form for doing minutes
Form a SubCommittee specifically for documentation.? Transparency? how to help make this happen???

A more user friendly and encouraging method to participate and volunteer. (permabank IS this, in theory)

new recruits

How can we leverage the meta documentation, the back channel of how we design the systems we are designing, WHY ARE WE ENABLING WHAT WE ARE ENABLING?

the “meta documentation” on-boards technical resources quickly for next project & integration with existing services.. (not sure what question is… is meeting still going?)

list of roles
group liaison – onboarding, maintaining site
info desk knows exactly how to create that group
website announcements
public liaison – for people’s requests to the GA

stackcreate a googleDoc

Training? Online screencast training modules for the WG members? was that decided on or parked?
What are the needs? What are the roles?

Back to the

[separate: speaking to short term, medium term, long term goals]

resources/website help

is #hackupy an official irc channel for this? if not what is? (yes PLEASE, can we have an official channel?!?)

how is work assigned/tracked? is there a launchpad/bugzilla? – not in place yet, github is current repo?

parent group establishing standards and acting on behalf of GA to manage sub groups?

side note: I (@joshontheweb) am in the process of building a Massively Multiplayer Online Protest application. Think for protest. Is that something that should be coordinated along with what you guys are doing? (interesting – not sure this might be affiliate type of stuff)

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  1. Patricia Lutz

    Thanks for taking notes!

    Is there some way to pull out decision points and follow up items? It would be great to be able to easily identify what (if any) decisions were made. Further, identifying specific follow-up items would help avoid things falling through the cracks and could be easily fed into the next meeting agenda.