IWG Internal Communications Process

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This is a summary of how IWG (and others) might communicate around website/software/ICT related initiatives. Please, we beg you, READ THIS and withhold comment on the list. It is posted as an editable document here so we can collect feedback on it. Only mods and admins can edit; others should comment.

Redmine is a project management (PM) tool. We will be using it for the major software/website projects currently underway. It is designed to manage the tasks and actual work being done. While others will be able to observe the process, each project’s communication will probably be limited to the core group of people actually working on that project.

There are other ‘projects’ that our members are involved with that aren’t, strictly speaking, software development projects. For example, New Member Onboarding, New Proposal Processing, Meeting Coordination or inter Working Group things like ‘managing the integration of CiviCRM to #OWS.’ For now, these projects will be forum topics on our website. We’re hoping to use the forums for commentary and discussion instead of, not in addition to, the the google list.

We are instituting a process for dealing with New Proposals. That would include ideas for website features, other websites, applications, or anything else that is ‘new’ to us in the IWG. This will likely be a web form with questions like the ones here plus a process for managing comments, feedback, etc.

Matt is taking charge of inventorying our volunteers and their skills, to make it possible for IWG to reach out to individuals and ask them to join a project team. The skills could be anything from Python coding to site administration, or even to non-technical tasks like online community management. Please add yourself and your skills here: http://internet.nycga.net/volunteer/.

There is a specific location for support requests for folks using the main NYCGA site. It is http://www.nycga.net/feedback/. Please do not use the list to ask questions about the site.

Todd Grayson has taken the lead in managing the Google list. Our goal is to reduce traffic. One way is to approve all messages, and catch some of them before they go out. For example, questions for which we know the answer can be answered right away; folks asking about getting involved can be directed appropriately.

It is possible that in the future, one way email announcements will go out with less frequency to keep IWG members updated. These emails, falling outside the Google group discussion stream, will be read with great attention and direct folks to the most basic information about meeting times, locations of online conversation about projects, and names of folks to contact for particular purposes.

These ‘decisions’ were made at a meeting of some members of the IWG. Minutes are posted here: http://www.nycga.net/groups/tech/docs/project-management-meeting-102011

Finally, please be aware that we are looking to name individuals as ‘responsible’ for particular jobs. One of those jobs is ‘site ranger.’ http://www.nycga.net/members/drew/activity/4861/  Other jobs not yet described are in the pipeline. One of them is ‘person who writes job descriptions.’ Please contact Charles L. if you’d like to do that!

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  1. DrRon Suarez

    Project Management has shifted from Redmine to Pivotal Tracker. We’re attempting to keep our Group Subdomain Site home page updated with links to all other toos we’re using. See http://internet.nycga.net and notice that you can have a site like this for your group.