InterOccupy Conference Call Minutes – General Call 11-7-11

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Interoccupy Conference Call Commenced at 1909 PST, 11.7.11,

mp3 audio of the call here:
Number of Attendees: 150 callers at 1909 PST

Meeting Outcomes:

  • Nov 17 Actions will be expansive. Further coordination amongst Occupations is anticipated and encouraged.
  • is actively soliciting content submit your material to
  • Committees of Correspondence was proposed as a body that would facilitate GA to GA communication amongst the Occupations. Occupations are encouraged  to form Committees of Correspondence.
  • Interoccupation field reports are being organized via (click through to the field report link). Occupation representatives are encouraged to submit their updates.
  • December 10 is proposed as an International Day of Action.

Meeting Notes:

Process Overview (10 mins)

Meeting facilitator presented an overview of the agenda and the communication protocols for the call.

Introduction of David Degraw

David Degraw thanks all of the Occupations for their participation and gave a recap of some highlights regarding the Occupy movement. The 99 percent movement started about a year ago. On June 14 the first occupation failed in Liberty Park, however a subsequent attempt to establish Bloombergville evolved into Occupy Wall Street at Zucotti Park. is now live and serves as a decentralized news aggregation source for the Occupations– is actively soliciting content submit your material to

The call was opened up to the Occupations. What is happening and what is your favorite aspects of your Occupation?

Boise, ID–Direct Action group with encampment of over 30 tents occupying the Boise Statehouse.

Boulder CO–Just consented to 24 hour occupation. GA’s are awesome, love the age diversity.

Saint Claire, WI–Talking to everyone, community and rallies.

Reiterate Initiatives (10 mins)

Ash from Philadelphia, PA presented the concept of Committees of Correspondence as a proposed body that would facilitate GA to GA communication amongst the Occupations and encouraged the Occupations to form Committees of Correspondence. There is not a current aggregated mechanism to send inter-GA communications. Due to time constraints individuals interested in communicating further regarding this issue are encouraged to contact (type Ash in the subject line in order to continue the discussion).

Occupation representatives are encouraged to send their contact information and roles within their respective Occupations to:

Interoccupation field reports are being organized via (click through to the field report link). Individuals are encouraged to submit their updates.

November National Month (30 mins)

On Nov 17 many Occupations are planning actions. Some of the N17 Thursday actions were described as noted:


Breakfast–Attempting to shutdown Wall Street
Lunch–Convergences in Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, et al. in order to seek out people affected by the economic crisis.
Dinner–Mass convergence in Foley Square for dinner.

A suggestion was made to support the OWS actions via actions at banks within the respective Occupy communities.

Outreach and fliering on Nov 17 planning to go directly to Olympia to impact legislature


Occupying steelbridge in morning
Rally afterwards
Subsequently occupying banks

National Occupy

Teach ins
Nov 19 GA for students

December 10 is proposed as an International Day of Action

A temperature was taken regarding December 10 as a proposed International Day of Action. The sentiment was generally favorable. A concern was raised regarding the Congressional Super Committee issuing a report at the same time–the proposed action would potentially dilute the impact upon any actions that would be planned regarding the Super Committee deliberations.

Themed Call Purpose (30 mins)

Due to technical difficulties, the chat room function was not active during the call so breakout groups were not able to be implemented. The call was opened up to participants.

Teamspeak was suggested is an alternate conference utility.

Overtime (10 mins)

The call was opened up for pressing concerns (1 minute forum).

Occupy Phoenix needs help urgently with the ALEX Conference in Scottsdale on Nov 29-Dec 3 and Nov 29 or 30th Republican Debate in Mesa, AZ.

Occupy Hamptons inquired why the Hamptons were not presently included in the OWS Nov 17 actions.

Occupy Denver discussed a proposal regarding national National Facilitation Plus One.

Occupy Maine has a resource with good information on Facebook: Occupy Winter Survival. Contact for a copy of the OWS 99 Percent Declaration.

Occupy Boise camp was brought up on Saturday. 99 Percent Declaration 21 points of process have been discussed extensively by Occupy Boise. Occupy Boise inquired about the flexibility of the 21 points.

Occupy Nashville reviewed the 99 Percent Declaration and they focused upon issues that would not incite political divisions in order to be sensitive to local sensibilities.

Occupy Des Moines proposed to have a national caucus in order to pressure presidential candidates to respond to the issues raised by the caucus.

Occupy Ottawa currently working on a realtime information aggregator and a Wiki.

Occupy Philadelphia is focusing on service projects on Black Friday.

Occupy Orlando needs bodies, they have great weather!

Occupy Maui also has great weather and needs bodies! Check Facebook: Occupy Maui or

National Meeting of States Attorneys General in San Antonio overlaps with the Nov 29-Dec 3 dates in Phoenix, AZ. This is potentially a high value target.

Occupy LA Civic Engagement Committee has been able to influence four initiatives: resolution to support Occupy LA, a responsible banking ordinance, list of financial institutions the city does business with and an electoral process initiative. is an online platform to share messages. Conference calls held Monday 1100-1300 EST.

Occupy Honolulu is building up and in the process of uniting people.and addressing sovereignty issues.

Monday is currently planned for future calls. will be used to coordinate the facilitation of future calls. On Thursday nights facilitation calls are held to focus on process issues–these calls are open to everyone. Send emails to in order to participate in facilitation calls.

Contact Joan at in order to coordinate regarding managing police oppression.

A spirited goodbye was shared amongst the Occupy participants.

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