Technology Operations Group Charter

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Technology Operations Group Charter

The Technology Operations Group supports the online communication and organization needs of OWS and the New York City General Assembly. We seek to provide online tools that promote participation among occupiers and beyond by extending communication streams and promoting the exchange of information. We do not editorialize, but rather support and reflect the structure and decisions of the GA, not guide them or alter them.

Although we promote the use of Open Source solutions, we intend to use whatever technology will best meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Example Projects

  • Maintaining the website and associated email accounts, groups, etc., and preserving its integrity as part of OWS and the NYCGA
  • Developing and growing new features for,,¬†and other OWS-affiliated sites based on input from Occupiers and their groups
  • Supporting other OWS and Occupy Everywhere groups with their use of the internet and social media in a visually and technically consistent way
  • Ensuring people in Liberty Plaza / Zuccotti Park have internet access available to them and the ability to engage
  • Developing Mobile Apps where they uniquely facilitate participation or development of OWS or the NYCGA
  • Protecting participant information and making clear what things are publicly visible
  • Building long-running projects in the future to support new NYCGA initatives
  • Documenting and archiving best practices to inform other occupations

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  1. Barbara

    Not formatted for low-tech mobile access, wondering if I can post at all?

    • Barbara

      Wow, I am so glad to be here and thrilled to discover this brilliant new way to connect with everybody! I don’t have a droid and access/navigation is frustrating. Examples: page links missing or can’t get down to them(missing/cut off) because text not formatted for mobile (appears in one long single char. strip down the page – don’t know the name for this), also, the status update command doesn’t work on this device. Any hope for me? I only have mobile web access at home. My tech skills are -5 and I only joined to beg for help. Thanks! (-‘, l:l