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This is a work-in-progress document first created on Nov 3.  This is meant to hold information only within the scope of what is needed by the volunteers working at Part Time Vol  information table where we help recruit/place volunteers for groups which deal with basic needs of Zuccotti Park Occupiers:  Food, Comfort, Sanitation, Library, Medical, Information, Security and Storage/Shipping.

Information about Volunteering Part-Time at OWS


We need your help!  Please come back as often as you can. This is an easy and fun way to support a movement making worldwide waves on behalf of the 99%!  The occupation rests on people like you. Part and Full-time volunteers help keep things organized and help meet the basic needs of the Zuccotti Park community. Volunteering at OWS is a lot easier than you may think. Most “needs-based” groups take drop-in volunteers almost any time.    


Part-Time Volunteer Information Table


When: 12pm-7pm. Stop by for a few minutes to pitch in and help us talk to people. If you can be responsible for a shift of an hour or more, than is best!

Where: At our table between the library and Info.

Who:  MUST be outgoing, communicate clearly, welcoming to strangers.

What:  Tell people we need volunteers, encourage them to participate, help coordinate with leadership in groups like food, comfort to make sure we are best meeting their needs. Focus on goal of the table and move people along if needed.

Note: If someone needs info you cannot provide. Whether it be about political issues or schedules, etc, send them to central Info desk


Information Tables

When: 9am-11pm.

Where:  Central info table and table in the front on Broadway side.

Who: Need friendly, assertive, patience, pick up new information quickly, can present themselves well with public, media.

What: Answer questions about everything and anything, schedules, help move people along to appropriate other groups and places.

Note:  There is some training and learning new info, so better if person can come back regularly.




When: Just before and during meal times:

9:00-11:00am, 1:00-3:00pm and 7:00-9:00pm. 

Where: Food area in center of park. Also, if you stay on you may be asked to help in the off-site kitchen.

What:  Serving, chopping, making sandwiches, dish washing.

Who: Must be able to work under pressure, work as a team, and show patience in  dealing with hungry people.

Note: The Food services is VERY important to the survival of this occupation! Thank you for your help!




When: They ALWAYS need help!  MOST help is needed IN THE MORNING before noon.   Can be for a short time, even a half hour.

Where: Comfort station, west of Food.

What: Comfort supplies occupiers with donations. Sorting, organizing, folding, handing out items.

Who: They are looking for people with good communication skills.

Note: This is an easy position and comfort volunteers say they feel immediate gratification from giving someone warm clothing and meeting people’s basic needs.





When: They ALWAYS need help.  More during the day than night. Biggest needs: After it rains/snows.

Where: Sanitation. Walk towards Food and take a right.

What: Sweeping, collecting trash, tying up cardboard.

Who: Should be in good physical shape, able to move around easily, lift things.

Notes: Do NOT go into people’s tents or take people’s dirty laundry. They ALWAYS need cleaning supplies if you are able to donate please do!





When: Hours are about 10am – late at night

Who: They aren’t desperate for volunteers but there is always something to do. How much there is to do depends on when donations come in.

What: Enter ISBNs, organize, clean area, stamp and sticker books.

Note: People can take whatever book they want, there is not a check in/out process.


needs doctors, nurses, EMTs, herbalists, etc. for medical first aid 

SIS- Shipping and Storage 





For more Info:

Register, and join relevant groups

including Part-Time Caucus





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  1. Sarah Harper

    As a survivor of abuse from the psychiatric system, I am proposing (along with others at the [occupymentalhealth] email list, to make sure that the part of the medical team dealing with emotional support is respectful of those who are experiencing emotional problems, by inviting those who have experienced psychiatric abuse and/or mental health diagnoses to take an active part in volunteering for the mental health portion of the medical team. Otherwise it will be dominated by mental health professionals, who tend to have very prejudiced attitudes towards those with “different” behavior judging by comments I’ve seen by some on the medical team forum, and who often think the best way to respond to emotional crisis and “out-there” behavior is by hospitalizing people, which can be very traumatic, especially when done against the person’s will. I have spoken to people on the medical team about this and they agree that there is a real need for people with this type of experience to volunteer. I have edited the call for volunteers to reflect this need.