InfoHub Meeting 1/12/12

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InfoHub Meeting 1/12/12
Atendees: James, Jake, Darrell, Phoebe, Megan, Ravi, Justin, Christine, Nina
Ravi is facilitating. Christine is taking minutes. 
Proposed Agenda: Defining roles within group, training process, info tabling, intake. [Infohub node for project info (not just working groups, but projects too, overlap, etc). Schedule for interviewing working groups, making info public? this will be a breakout group] Working groups proposal reportback and discussion. Internal processes and structures. Tabling: how to identify ourselves, materials, logistics. Occupied Office responsibilites vs ComHub responsibilities. 
Making infohub node for project info etc? Breakout group or agenda? Breakout, with reportback from Phoebe.
Phoebe: I have been calling working groups with ComHub, asking about needs, trying to connect them, but we didnt really get to reach out to everybody mostly housing, kitchen, etc, for emergency type things. We would really like to talk to everybody though, work in project.
Justin: this has created a whole new way for groups to report back, isnt this what GA is for? lets get groups to reportback at GA, take info from there. (people are midtwinkling) yes there are pros and cons either way, lets figure out how groups communicate now, rather than do a new way.
Nina: Evangelina asked me to do this, we are asking them things, it should be on them to come to us, info was a good example of this idea, we were in the park, people came to us.
James: there's pushing info and pulling info, there is GA as a totally appropriate venue for reportbacks, but GA cant take long, complex reportbacks, they end up being incomplete, get people to put info on and getting them to use website, so that people can get the most use out of it and then people can go to website for more info.
Phoebe: when we have a system in place, they should come to us, and probably will,  but now we're reaching out to say we're here to help.
Darrell: Need standardized format, there are too many working groups, over 100, cant all talk at GA. 
Christine: <-- is a time bitch. others take selves off stack.
Nina: this is a great thing to fold into making WGs official
II: Workin group proposal
Thats a great segue. Ravi: in vol services we listed groups, evaluated mission statements, basic requirements on website, etc, we divided it in four, sent to works and info list, so that people can connect and encourage people they know. We announced at spokes last night, said all groups who were good, and we got 3-4 groups to fix themselves yesterday by making an annoucement. Its going well, just need more hands on deck.
Megan: the people who are really not a working group, how do we reach out to them, should we try?
Christine: good faith effort. Please try, but dont worry if it doesnt work.
Justin: We need to talk about groups that arent going to make it, are they off of the website, we need to have a convo about that?
[people generally say that conversation was already had in the GA]
Phoebe: I'm working from the almost good end, i figure if we dont get to 'oh shit' people done then we dont
Ravi: I'm working the other way
[back to talk about the website, everybody agrees to move on]
III: Training, Intake, etc
Ravi: So we probably shouldnt fire people. Apparently someone was fired from comhub this week. Nobody involved is here, its fine to need training, and understand that everybody is not suited to the same things. Temp check to table? Positive
Megan: Talked to kevin, excited about info briefcases, knows we have talked about it for a while, 
Nina: yay park is back, no baricades, lets do it there
Christine: Reportback on fliers, connecting on printing with outreach, we were going to be able to have folders for people to grab in the office but now that it isnt accessible anymore we will need to coordinate with them for lit, they do 11am dropoffs in 60 wall
Ravi: Reportback on orientations: 12pm every saturday, discussion on why are you hear, what does the mvmnt mean to you, give them 'here's what you do next' go to liberty park, go to ga, join a working group, etc. Wanted to start this week, but outreach wants more meetings, i think the most important thing is cool occupiers there. 
Christine: we should do it in the park now that its de-barricaded. we can always move if its super cold
Ravi: yeah lets do that. temp check?
Justin: i want wifi in the park with info, can we use our hundred dollars a day to do that, lets ask tech?
Jake: yes, we have a good relationship with clear, potentially $10 a month after initial cost
Temp check on spending $100 a day on that? [passes by consensus]
Jake: We could do that at 60 too, we have computers in the office, could use them here, need responsible people
general uptwinkles
Justin: we need clarity on ComHub vs occupied office since there are stakeholders in both, can table to next time, but need to have convo.
Ravi: ok, thats the whole agenda then, adjourned, uptwinkles for a 50 minute meeting.

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