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Info Meeting notes for  Thursday  December 15. 2011

Facilitation- Avi

Note taker- Cynthia

Attendees; Avi, Daniel, Christine, Megan,Cynthia,  Hermes, Kevin, Orlando

Meeting start time -6:20pm   End time  7: 15 pm @ 60 Wall  (Atrium)

AGENDA ITEMS: (1) Info presence for Saturday D17  & Mobile briefcase  (Kevin),  (2) Working -Group guidelines proposal for the GA

Announcement: Info Tabling tomorrow meet at the office at noon (Cynthia)

(Kevin & Christine had to leave meeting early for GA)

KEVIN- suggests we do shifts for D17 @ 8th and Canal for Info presence

take table and possibly briefcase starting at 12 noon

coordinate with Outreach bring wipe board

Also Info Email has fallen through the cracks need more  people to do reply backs I noticed it hasn’t been done in a while so I just replied to about 10 unanswered messages

ComHub may be too busy we need more committed people to do this.

DANIEL-I can man the info nycga site fir replies from now until Christmas then I will be away for two weeks ( about January 10th)

I will set up the Info & Google Info And speak with Hermes about getting Info volunteers from the OWS supported  Church’s

Will be at D17  to help with Info

AVI – will be at D17 at 12 noon

HERMES- Will be at D17 12 noon

Will talk with Daniel after meeting to coordinate OWS volunteers from the church’s

KEVIN- Will be at D17 between 5:30-6

Megan, Orlando, & Christine will be at D17 for Info Tabling

KEVIN- Coordinate with Outreach  build 6 tables 2 in the park the others out  One briefcase to start if someone could buy the materials ( case, wipe board,strap, small poster board) for the case and get reimbursed from Accounting…

CYNTHIA- I can try and do that and have the mobile case for Saturday

CHRISTINE- So nobody knows what a working group is right now. Olivia started working on a proposal for this ” What is a working group?”

reads: Working Group Guidelines Proposal

this proposal will be presented to the GA by Megan on Tues

Megan- Agrees

CHRISTINE- Addition to the Proposal The appeal process 4 out of 5 are objective

AVI-  Need 5 people to be a working group

If the proposal comes across as Info wants to define a group it may be seen as negative, It should be more like ,  ” we would like to find out who is still here as a Working group”

CHRISTINE- Avi can you play with the wording of the proposal?

AVI- Yes I can do that…

No group but the  GA can disband a Working group

ORLANDO-Friendly Amendment to proposal,

Change the proposal 2 weeks requirement to 3 weeks in a row to be classified as a Working group

CHRISTINE-a long term plan;  will have survey to handout @ the next 4 GA meetings

both Kevin & Christine leave for GA

Daniel-Need to discuss Ideas and   We need more people to be full time Info

Infrastructure to plug into; having an Info meeting at the church’s for people who stay there so they can have the opportunity to plug in and help out

Leora (Max’s Mom)- [ just stopped in ]Hi I made vests for the Info team so that they can be  recognizable, was wondering how you would like to

word the group on the vests… OWS Info or Occuppy Info or….

consensus was taken by Daniel Orlando Avi Hermes Cynthia to allow max”s mom as part of the Arts & Culture group to word the vests as she sees fit -Twinkle

DANIEL- will talk with Hermes after meeting on how to be more effective in handing out Info to the OWS supported churches

Who are we reaching out to with the Info


Will print out tomorrows’ Events from for the two churches tonight

Close meeting with a Spiral hand shake













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