Info meeting minutes 10/25

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Info. Committee

Agenda Items:
Info.’s internet-related responsibilities
New website is going to have a comprehenssive calendar. All info. people are going to have two computers at the info. desk. 

Two little notebooks. Going with budget approval tonight. Budget less than $1000 for two netbooks for Info. (central info. 

All Info. people will be admins. on the website and will be able to access, change, enter events, etc. Calendar there and 

interactive. Still need to write out white board for crowds. This solidifies Info. as calendar keepers for everything. That 

responsibility removed from internet.
Groups are responsible but if something falls through the cracks we’re responsible.
We can get whiteboards with petty cash.
We can export nycga calendar to various formats. 
Timeline to implement? 
Christine will do board tomorrow morning.
Scott can get computers tomorrow.
If we need markers, etc. we can use petty cash to get them. 
We need to try to keep track of the boards so they don’t disappear.
4 or 5 people are trained to be admins on nycga. Get in touch with them if you want to be an admin.
We will have a third computer but it is being revamped currently.

Is there interest in transitioning Google group over to nycga? Temperature check: all approve.
Should we migrate Google docs over? You can’t upload files but you can create documents. FAQ sheets and all other vital 

info. will go in binder.
We now have an info. sheet on how to start an info. group (flow sheet).

There's a new working group flow chart.

The tri-fold brochure: 
Once we get correct flier, how do we print it. OWS print budget will inform us about cost in this regard.
Check with finance before we say it is tax deductible.

How do we want to transition the role of the desks: to take pressure off desk people; they should be orienting people 

rather than just info. People with questions beyond group meeting times, etc. we send them to appropriate resources.
Central Info. should update other info. desks with most recent info. re: meetings, etc. 
Can we get walkie talkies for each info. desk? Funds from petty cash can be used for this.

We need fliers for specific topics; one: how to remove money from bank and move to credit union.
We could use FAQ sheets. New ones just printed.
Binder on Broadway side is generally empty.
Internal contact list was removed from that binder.

Last finance pick-up for lock boxes is 9. Up to you if you want to keep it on the desk. Obligation to keep it there is just 

until 9. Many come in after that, so it is up to the discretion of each desk person. All agree that 9 p.m. is fine. Keep it 

out if you want to but make sure everything is put away properly when leaving the desk. More permanent docs will soon be 

affixed to the tables. We are in the process of getting better donation bins; clear with locks. Finance will have the only 

keys. If you want to close up table, take donation jar to Central Info. We are trying to get a secure bin with a lock. 

Finance is getting 7 or 8, distributed to all of the offical working groups. All will have same style box with same look: 

they will look consistent, official. That's in the works. 

Communication Cluster:
CC is potentially what our spoke will be in the spokes council model. Anyone who has anything to do with talking to the 

public. Meeting on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in atrium at 60 Wall Street. GAs over the past couple of days have tried to 

establish this spokescouncil. Our cluster would be a communications cluster. We will have bigger meetings; on the same page 

with Outreach. Will likely be the admin end of that cluster. People are having trouble finding basic info about how to plug 

in. How to consolidate press releases. How to channel info between groups and to the world. 
Tomorrow: various comm vehicles, howe we can coordinate various comm groups. how we can officially communicate with media 

interior and exter. Also looking at transparency issues. How we can all be more accountable to each other group to group.
Invitation was sent out. Calling it a coordination meeting for Comm. Cluster. We can join with Outreach more effectively.
Questions about Outreach. What is their role? This "merger" will have more to do with staffing tables. It would be for Info 

to take over the Outreach subgroup. Temperature check: all approve. 

Signage is a big issue. It should be easy to find us. Great new sign at Central Info. Design is totally up for making 

signs. Their turnaround is less than a day to a day. We will get design to make an Info welcome sign for the front desk. 

All new signs to be made in the next few days at most.

You can close the info. table anytime after 9 p.m.

What is the status on drumming? They got approval for 2 2-hour sessions. 12 to 2 and 4 to 6. They followed that today.

Christine will go back through minutes from previous GAs; get everything down to a couple of bullet points: what was 

passed, what was proposed, what was decided. She will go back through docs and get better info., more info. There is a 

Minutes and Docs subgroup she will check with.

new group: Organization: project management and comm. Searching for office spaces nearby, among other objectives.

Random things: giant washers make great paperweights. They will be at desks. A box of them is $17.

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