Info Group Meeting Minutes 10.29.11

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NOTE: Our meeting was truncated today due to Info Group members wanting to attend the GA where Spokes Council was being voted on.


1. Expanding Info table

– Community Outreach

– Community Relations

– Outreach has had a lot of problems with the drummers, community board. A resolution was passed that the community is still supporting us, but it’s on a knife edge because the noise is driving them insane.

– Community relations phone is the general WTF phone, parents will take it and field a lot of the problems, but they’d like to be able to forward the call to either someone who’s always in the park.

– Kevin has manned the community phone overnight, he’s willing to keep doing it.

– Maybe we can just google numbers .

– For the time being, we can just pass the phone around.

– Get the phone back from Andy


2. Calendar / Filtering stuff

– Moving forward

– Public Calendar

– Community Events tab under internet?



3. SOPHIE – has info money from philanthropy

– We can accept goods, but not direct money


4. Aaron – labor archives

– Wants oral histories, pamphlets, signs,

– Can we reserve for the archive a copy of each flyer or

– Get him in touch with OTW

– Want people to give oral histories


5. Do we want to entertain the idea of setting up an info desk here?

– Not yet


6. Letting people know about stuff

– Mailer to groups?

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