Indian Point/Entergy activity

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Occupy Nuclear Power/Push back on Entergy!

Where: World Fellowship Camp and Conference Center, Conway, NH;;

When: Friday afternoon, 7/20, through Sunday until noon, 7/22)

A day-long Anti-Entergy strategy session will be held on Saturday to develop a unified opposition campaign targeting Entergy, (which also owns many GE BWRs including VY, Indian Point, Pilgrim & Fitzpatrick).

We invite activists organizing against Entergy-owned nukes Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Indian Point, and Fitzpatrick (NY), (and also activists from New Orleans, site of Entergy HQ).

Additional discussion on national and international resistance to nuclear power, the aim to shut the 23 US GE Boiling Water Reactors that are twins to at Fukushima, Japan, and lessons learned from Germany, Italy, India, and elsewhere.

World Fellowship is an affordable, child friendly location in the White Mountains, founded and run by progressives. Camping and rooms are available, and rates include three excellent meals served family style each day. Please spread the word, check out the website, and make reservations.

[This will be a good opportunity to get all the players in one room. A united front against Entergy corporados will help everyone.  – d.o.]

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