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As of December 8th, the kitchen received word that we needed to propose a weekly budget to the GA before we could receive more funds. Good news, it passed at the December 10th GA. However, in order to get that budget passed we agreed to the new requirements for requesting a food budget or food for an event. Kitchen is trying to be transparent and accountable by following the request of the GA. We humbly ask for your patience and help.

How to request kitchen food or budget for an event:

  1. Food proposals should be written out with the date of the event, time, and approximate amount of meals/people. Please clarify if you are requesting cash to buy food or if you’d like us to cook and transport the food. Please print copies of your proposal and bring them to one of the meeting times below.
  2. The person presenting it should be a member of the food-working group for at least one week (qualification: you have volunteered in kitchen at least once in the past or pledge to do so over the next 5 days).
  3. There must be at least 5 members of the food-working group present in the meeting at the time of proposal.
  4. Proposals for more than $500 or 300 meals should be proposed at two different meetings at least two weeks in advance. Proposals for less should be proposed at least one week in advance. Approval in two separate meetings is required. This requirement can be waived if the proposal’s deadline has a deadline which could not have been foreseen, like jail support.
  5. All proposals should include a timeline including Kitchen meetings, shopping, prep, cooking and delivery.
  6. All proposals must be directly connected to OWS. Kitchen may reject a proposal from an outside group that has their own financing.
  7. Each event should have two point persons, one from Kitchen and one from the event.
  8. As a reciprocal gesture please contribute in one of the following ways:
    • Volunteer for kitchen prep at Liberty Cafe, 275 Liberty Ave, Brooklyn NY
    • Help serve meals at 60 Wall, Spokes, GA, breakfast, brunch or dinner.
    • Delivering Food: must have a personal vehicle.
    • Work with Chow Hounds to pick up unused food – Chow Hounds works 2PM – midnight. They need drivers!
    • Cook food at home and bring it Liberty Park, 60 Wall, GA or where occupiers are staying.
    • Outreach in 2 ways:
      • Find groups to provide weekend meals i.e. churches
      • Find food donations i.e. grocery stores, bakeries

For your information:

  1. Any request above $100.00 will have a Kitchen Chaperone assigned to accompany shopping and collect receipts.
  2. Approved proposals for cash must turn in receipts to Kitchen Finance every other day or based upon an agreement with Kitchen Finance. Failure to do so will result in no further funds from kitchen being available.

Your proposal should be made at one of our “Events-related” meetings at 60 Wall St. Please check our calendar for current dates and times:

In solidarity kitchen humbly thanks everyone for reading this point of information.

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