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Are you ready to form an army in the streets to get the job done?????

I speak of an army who's weapons are love, compassion, reason and logic, against which there is no defence.

The organization of this army is very simple.

1) The bulk members who cannot commit full time, are designated "Privates".. as private individuals, who are willing to rise up as the army in the streets as needed for good reasons... THEY DO THIS BY SIGNING UP AND PROVIDING CONTACT INFORMATION (phone number is best), so as to be called up to action in mass for various specific causes.

2) Those who are more committed, and can commit to full time status, will align themselves as they are able and as needed, meaning as Sergeants, Majors, Colonels, and Generals, to begin with.

3) The General must be able to do, and train others to do just about everything, from basic PR, to production of materials, printing etc, sign construction, and organization management to set up and run the activities as needed, included full knowledge of what statute laws will be used against the new  ARMY of protesters... And as a General is set to the task of training and leading the army in its campaigns.  With clear plans of action.

4) The Colonels, will report directly to their Generals, and will command several majors and Sergeants, and will be in charge of resource management, meaning holding and making use of the call up lists of recruited personnel as "Privates".. to be called to action and which will then form platoons, under Sergeants, and following the lead of Majors who work with Colonels to implement strategy put forth by Generals.

5) The rank of any member, is not in stone, and it is possible to remove any General or ranking member, by an 80% vote by all the ranking personnel, not including Privates.
 Meaning those of rank, chose and control their leaders based on respect and the plans they put forth, and their ability to lead and effectively train the army and move us forward.
  Privates, get no vote other than when asked to vote on issues, and the decision will be presumed passed if 80% agree to said discussed issue or point.

6) The ARMY Generals will call for meetings as needed, and call up those private rank members who have expressed specific interest in working on specific causes they designate when they join up, and provide the contact info and phone number so as to be called up to action. 
  The Generals of each city for example, with organize amongst themselves and set strategies to work side by side on many issues on a national scale, meaning...  protesting at the same time, etc.

7) Any member of any rank, can move up in rank, based on their effort, and ability to learn and to apply themselves and the actual numbers on the ground, since it does little good to have 5 Generals and an army of 10 Privates, and it is the goal to have as few ranking personnel handling and managing the organization of as many Privates as possible, so as to maximize man-power and the scope of efficiency and effectiveness of each ranking soldier.
  THA MAJOR ISSUES which are pushed, would be based on presented and considered plans of action and issues discussed with all the membership body of "privates" .. preferably online, in forum settings so as to allow for detailed discussions and easy voting. Thereby the issues which are being pushed as issues to protest over may change based on the will of the people and the pointing out, OF ANY ISSUE, BY ANY MEMBER OF ANY RANK, INCLUDING PRIVATES, ON THE ONLINE FORUM OF DISCUSSION, as that prevents the Ranking members from preventing the discussion of any and all issues, and prevents future corruption which might try to silence any one or many subjects.

8) The efforts to be pursued, are to include all the well known and practiced protest efforts, and even potential acts of civil disobedience as desired by the masses, but, there is no need for violence if the army is committed, and the members serious about change... SIMPLY BECAUSE on the whole the masses outnumber any other force.
 We do not need guns... we need committed hearts..  we need a good plan to fight for.
  For example, it would be much more effective to stand in great numbers outside the house of a Supreme court justice, and stand in complete silence, with insane angry faces, and send the smallest and weakest amongst you to knock on the door, to express your anger with soft little words.... that...  sends a message that no amount of yelling can do.
... That is but one example, of ways to ratchet it up, and get much more serious about this effort... as a real army dedicated to win, where failure is not an option.

9)  It requires a mind set of Ghandi,  who said....  something like...  "You can beat me, arrest me, throw me in jail, and even kill me, but you will never have my obedience!"

  When the masses rise up... with that mind set... then they CANNOT BE STOPPED, AND CANNOT LOSE.


-Mosheh Thezion
Call me if you need some help....1-818-397-1352

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