Housing Meeting Minutes 3/5/12

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Housing Meeting Minutes 3/5/12


Attendance: Allegra, Space, Katherine, Stan, Ryan, Chyno, Brian, Dylan, Sandy, Sarah


RB- Chyno still working on street sheet for each burro what resources are available through YMCA

–       Space has location for storage working with people involved with eviction process.

–       Allegra reported that you can check out netbooks through SIS during operating hours.  Must leave ID at SIS.

–       Allegra reported that there is no more hosting of the occupiers at the hostel she’s been staying at due to an argument during business hrs.

–       Stan has talked to Michael with interfaith communities.

–       Sandy is working on host an occupier project there are approximately 20 hosts


Agenda items


  1. Host an Occupier
  2. Metro Card new process


  1. With host an Occupier we have host but no process to connect host with occupier.  Stan will work with GA & Spokes to find occupiers to recommend.  Still in research process at this time it is first come first serve.  Stan suggested a trial procedure through the housing working group. He also suggested tabling at town square as well as doing outreach at West Park and also canvassing
  2. Metro card process was changed Allegra would like clarification as to what happened and why.  She also had concerned about how it was being done in previous weeks because the process that was set up before required more people and a rotation.  Katherine pointed out that it was difficult to get even five people to a housing meeting so that we could have consensus.  Katherine accepted FA at Spokes in fear that the proposal would be blocked and also wanted to share in the responsibility rather than putting all on housing.  Chyno pointed out that he had seen metro card distributors being verbally attacked felt the new process was a good one.  Allegra disagreed even though she has been spit on she still feels that housing should be distributing them out individually.  She also felt that I changed the process without consensus of the working group.  Katherine pointed out that until recently there has been very few meeting because there wasn’t anybody showing up to the meetings.  Katherine feels that if there is more participation in the housing group we can revisit the original process but lets give this a try and see how it works.  There was no resolution to the discussion.  Stan was facilitating and adjourned the meeting so the minute taker left.

2 Responses to “Housing Meeting Minutes 3/5/12”

  1. Katherine A Flowers

    I would just like to thank those who paid attention to the new system now in place to receive metro cards I have a total of 8 working groups that received metro cards last week that are in compliance and will be able to receive you allotment for the next week. We have 89 working groups that are able to pick up metro cards so if your working group is unable to post minutes in a timely manner you might want to consider joining one that is able to. The names of groups able to re-up there metro’s at this time are Deescalation, Housing, Direct Action, Occupy Farms, Facilitation, Occupy Info, SIS

  2. Stan Williams

    The People’s Think Tank posted the minutes on Saturday and named me point person for Metro Cards. I’m not certain what the new system to receive cards now.

    Can you please post the new process or provide a link that shows the process?