Housing Meeting Minutes 2-17-12

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Housing Meeting:

Attendance: Ryan, Katherine,Stan,Cythina,Odd

Report Backs:  Stan- Meeting with the First Unitarian Universalist housing it’s project based there is an ability to house 10 people max.  March 17 march geared toward housing & hunger.

Odd- Relayed that there is a group called GOLES that might come into solidarity with OWS.  She will be speaking to the point person there.

Agenda Proposal for budget was reviewed and consented upon.

Katherine is in the process of gathering information from working groups to assist with making the metro card distribution more efficient .

Proposal It was proposed to move housing meetings to Charlottes Place and set time for 3:00 pm Mon, Wed, Fri.  It was consented

3 Responses to “Housing Meeting Minutes 2-17-12”

  1. Katherine A Flowers

    Will the working groups who sign for metro cards please contact me with any info you have as far as how many cards you require. If you have not signed my new master sheet for your working group you can meet with me at our next housing meeting to do so. Thank you for your support.

  2. Marsha aka the Knitting Lady

    the events page still says the meetings will be at the Atrium, the minutes say Charlotte’s. Can you tell me where the meeting will be this Weds?

  3. Katherine A Flowers

    I will try to fix that it should state that all housing meeting will be held at Charlotte’s Place on dates indicated the time is 3 pm