Housing Meeting Minutes 1.27.12

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In attendence:
Stan, Jeff, Seth, Daniel, Katherine,

Housing Proposal passed at spokes in modified form. Part I and Metrocards is now a second proposal.
Need to find a solution for the additional people at the churches. Talked about self funding options at Park Slope through Seans proposal.

Plqnned meeting with leaders at West Park to plan and payments on Saturday morning, and then with the community staying there on Sunday evening.

Need to restart the Host an Occupier program for finding solutions for individual occupiers.

8 Responses to “Housing Meeting Minutes 1.27.12”

  1. Katherine A Flowers

    I’m sorry I missed the fact that we were meeting Saturday. I hope I’m not screwing things up by not being there I can come to Manhattan now if you need me to or if you can explain that I’m better able to do it on Monday that would be awesome.

  2. Katherine A Flowers

    I would like to state for the record I was not at meeting when and if it was disscussed about being financial point person if I’m being used to futher someones personal agenda please be informed it’s not a good idea. I speak the truth as I know at all times.

    • Jeffrey Brewer

      @katherine I apologize, it is a part of our process that new point people be in attendence when nominated to accept new roles. I must have overlooked the fact that you were not there.
      In that case Teddy is still financial point person and we can discuss new people for these roles further this week.

      • bopper

        This was a meeting consisting of 4 men and you somehow “overlooked the fact” that Katherine wasn’t there?

        • Jeffrey Brewer

          Bopper (whatever you may be), after reading your numerous one-line, misguided posts, I could only feel some sense of negliegence if I did not sincerly suggest you seek profesional therapy.
          I feel that there are some people in our movement who are overlooked, and you are certainly one of them. I hope that someone will share some love with you, make you feel like a worthwhile living organism, and try to help you work through your aggression and hate.

          • bopper

            Actually, aside from N. you might be one of the most destructive and mentally-ill people in this movement – N. does it directly – you hide your power-hungry destructiveness behind a cloak of civility and “reasonableness”. I’m glad you were finally forced out of leadership in housing since you managed to close 86th street all on your own.

            Please go away.

          • Jeffrey Brewer

            Close 86th??
            Yet I am the one who repeatedly voiced the dialoge to keep it open. This can only be evidence of your willful ignorance of clear facts. Truth will set you free Bopper. Let go of hate, in the end it only holds you.

  3. HoaxCouncil