Housing Budget for Jan 14 – Jan 28, Will be presented to Spokes on Monday

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Please volunteer to present this to Spokes on Monday
Housing Budget for Jan 14 – Jan 28

The Housing Working Group


As was reported back at the last budget proposal on January 6th, West Park will be half as much nightly as our previous location at St Paul & St Andrew’s Church, seeing how we will be providing security and clean-up work ourselves. Park Slope is still holding together, and that has not changed since the previous proposal for funding.

Tech Ops asked that we present a per person breakdown of funding: With a maximum of 125 people (100 at West Park, 25 at Park Slope) per night, here is the breakdown of funds

Nightly:      $216 –    $1.73/person

Weekly: $1,500 –  $13.00/person

Monthly: $6,500 –  $52.00/person

Yearly: $78,000 – $624.00/person


We are requesting 2 weeks of funding at Park Slope and West Park.

For West Park, the cost is $150/night and $1050/week, which covers utilities only as the Church is not charging us for the space.

For Park Slope, the cost is $70/night and $490/week. Since we are asking for 2 weeks, that will add up to $980, which heat, hot water, shelter for up 25 people nightly.

As stated above, the total cost will be $980 + $2250 = $3250

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