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Open Forum at Occupy Wall Street is a discussion series on the issues of the occupation.
Everyday at 6pm.
Occupy Wall Street is a space for open discussion, collaboration, support, and solidarity. We are inviting communities, organizations and individuals struggling against the current injustices in society to make their voices heard and join the Wall Street Occupation.

Through the Open Forum, community organizers, unions, minorities, immigrants, workers, activists, students and academics, will be invited to give talks and lead discussions. The Open Forum gives individuals and organizations of all backgrounds a chance to share their vision and help shape our movement.

Open Forum is a self organizing project if you have ideas for presenters please invite them and email to confirm amd get access to the google doc calendar for scheduling.

The Open Forum is daily sharing of ideas and topics related to the occupation. Speakers should frame the discussion around the big ideas and not any specific organization, campaign or project. Anything that might seem to promote a political party, platform, project, cause or organization or could be seen as recruiting should be avoided. No handing out of fliers or circulating of sign up sheets for specific organizations, projects or causes. You can however hand out informational materials as long as they are not affiliated with an organization. Presenters can set up a table and invite people to come by after the forum.

The Open Forum committee does not operate with a financial budget. No compensation or expenses shall be paid for participation, as that would contradict our free education goals.

“Host” Protocol

Once speaker, title of discussion and date is confirmed:

  1. If you invite speaker but cannot be at open forum arrange for someone to be the “host” on the day of the event.
  2. Post in Google Doc Calendar at– Please be as detailed as possible as this information will be used for publicity. Include your contact information in case there are any questions.
  3. Make Facebook event and forward to,,
  4. Send announcement to, ,, ,,, for publicity and outreach
  5. Email fliers you make to Zane– to see if he can make fliers for you.

sample announcement:
Saturday October 8, 2011
6pm Open Forum: Brian Holmes
The end of the financial mind and the transformation of global class structure
Brian Holmes is a Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. In recent years, Holmes has been working on the issues of geopolitics and geopoetics.
The Open Forum is a discussion series on the issues of the occupation. Every day at 6pm.

Day before event:

  1. Contact presenter by phone to confirm. Plan to meet at the plaza at 5:30pm-ish. Explain general set up of plaza so they know what to expect, ie. it can be very loud, other events might conflict unexpectedly…. Remind them of general guidelines of 15-20 minute presentation followed by discussion. Ask if they have any special needs.
  2. Send email to welcome/info desks – to remind about speaker and confirm that open forum is on info desk schedule for day.
  3. Contact media people to let them know about event

craig bethel: 917 723 7940
dru: 773 270 3739
Todd: 917 415 2069
Fix:  917 572 8215
Katie: 310 702 9700– contact for live stream- you can also arrange to get trained to do your own live stream

let them know you will be having open forum and to please send camera person and ask if possible to be on live stream. NYC

5.     Make Open Forum sign!

Day of event:

  1. Drop by each welcome center to remind them of open forum and speaker.

Welcome Center 1, by Red Thing 718 753 6092
Welcome Center 2, by Burger King 646 715 3245
Information Center, by Media Center 772 275 5479

2.              Remind Media Center that talk is happening at 6pm and confirm camera person to record. They should know about this but if not mention that it was discussed. If they don’t have person to cover- see if they have camera you can use. Contacts above.

3.     Meet Presenter- take on quick tour of the plaza.

4.     5:55 Set up Open Forum sign under red thing.

5.     Use mic check to announce talk.

6.     Ask someone to circle through plaza announcing event by word of mouth.

7.     When people arrive ask them to sit down and as “clumped” together as possible. If big group standing is probably better.

8.     Once group had gathered, openwith introduction of Open Forum and presenter.

9.     During event monitor sound and ask people having loud conversations or starting drum circles to move or wait until the talk is over.

10.  After presentation help field questions.

11.  At 6:50 pm check in with presenter to see if they want to go on or would like to take final questions.

12.  At end thank presenter and group, encourage people to come at 6pm everyday for Open Forum and to arrange for speakers themselves or send suggestions of topics they would like to see addressed at open forum.
Open Forum is a part of the Education and Empowerment working group.

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