Guideline for Project Management Meetings

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SCRUM process dumbing down for project management,

– in trial for Open Source, Organization, & Internet, Groups. And Workspace, Tent projects


* PIGS – those at the meeting who get fired if the project fail
– Deliverable owner: think of this as customer
– SCRUM master: an over-blown name for a role that calls the meeting start on time, keep order, and ends on time (15’ or less)
– Team members (including SCRUM master): each responsible for completing tasks in the Burn-down list, and the final deliverable to owner

* CHICHEN – those who contribute, but not committed.

* Pigs have right to speak, though do not need to, Chicken only audit, and the fewer the better in the meeting


* Each cycle of beginning of the project to delivering is a Sprint

* Sprint Goal is established in Sprint Planning meeting – should be the only long meeting for the group

* All tasks are listed from all stake holders in a Backlog

* What’s being included in each Sprint at the end of the Sprint Planning Meeting from the Backlog is the Born-Down List, owed by a single team member

* Stand-up meeting starts at pre-determined time sharp for 15’.  Any PIG arriving late should pay the group $1/person/minute, or lose its right to be a Pig and turn into a chicken. Any PIG arrives 5’ late should stay away from the meeting.

* During the meeting: each member report their progress (burn-down) tasks they own; they also report issues and corresponding solutions which may include asking for help from other members.

* All members are required for each SCRUM meeting which should be daily, except Owner, who’s only required for producing the Burn-Down List; and when issues come up in SCRUM meeting that may require some change which needs Owner’s input/approval.

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