Guideline for Information & Discussion Meetings

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  • Meeting facilitator
  • stack keeper
  • time keeper volunteers (signs, 30’, 10’, time/bell),
  • note taker
  • Begin meeting (on time)
  • Review meeting format quickly (read this order, consensus 90%, read/assign roles, progressive stack, new/late comers, etc)
  • Report backs
  • Take agenda items
  • Discuss agenda items


  • Start meeting on time
  • attendees who arrives 5′ late can only audit, unless admitted by the  Facilitator and more than 50% groups through temperature check
  • tell everyone who you are, and whether you represent the group to report back (even if you are late)
  • non-group member can only audit, asking for clarification, and speak at the last section – free discussion
  • All members of the same group should sit in the same location under existing groups
  • every group have 60’ to speak. Request for more time in 30 second increment is granted twice by Facilitator, 3rd time by temperature check for over 50% of people
* Proposing for Agenda items
  • Taking up to 10 items
  • Each proposal should not elaborate except clarifications
  • Select 5 final candidates by voting through raising hands
* Agenda
  • report-backs, biggest challenge/concern for your group, & the movement individual issues. 60 seconds/each.
  • Individual agenda items, 5 minutes each, with 2 maximal extension in 60″ increment, first by Facilitator, 2nd by vote


* Confirm Facilitator for next meeting (responsible to show up 5’ before, or find replacement)

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