Groups Definition proposal via Comm Cluster

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This definition was consented upon at Communications Cluster meetin on Dec 5, 2011.
Additions in brackets are suggestions subsequently brought by Tech Ops.

a Group

  1. must hold at least one public meeting per week in New York City
  2. is based in New York City
  3. is constituted of a minimum of 5 people
  4. adheres to principles of transparency by publishing on [or submitting a written copy to Comhub]:
    1. their contact information
    2. meeting minutes which include number of attendees [hand-written minutes should be typed and e-mailed to comhub]
    3. a mission statement, charter, or other descriptive text that describes what they do and how they do it


group: applies to groups of all types, including, but not limited to Operations Groups, Working Groups, Caucuses, and Movement Groups

New York City: is defined as the 5 boroughs

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