Group Registration Form for OWS Archives

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Group Registration Form

Name of Group: Occupy Wall Street Archives


Contact email(s) and

Phone(s) 657-333-2653, 212-203-6499

Is your group open for anyone to join?        Yes      X     No___________


How does your group actively try to include the voices of people who are marginalized by larger society? (women, POC, GLBTQ, etc)


Our meetings follow the consensus process including using a progressive stack for our discussions. We are also going to conduct an oral history project in which we will be actively seeking to document the depth and breadth of the movement through the life stories of the participants.


If you have regular meetings, when and where are they?

We are currently holding our meetings at 6:00 pm every Sunday night at the public atrium at 60 Wall Street.


Please circle one (definitions below). Then respond to the questions associated with that group.


Operations Group

How do you contribute to the logistical and financial operations of OWS on a consistent basis? How do people join?


Movement Group

How do you contribute to the OWS movement?



What is the shared experience of the people in your caucus?


The Occupy Wall Street Archives are an Operations Group for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Our mission is to document the diversity of perspectives by collecting and preserving the ephemera, video, and audio materials that have been produced and distributed in and around Liberty Plaza since the Occupy Wall Street movement began. This archive is crucial so those in the Occupy Wall Street movement can participate in documenting and preserving our own history. The OWS Archives is not a closed group; we are open to anyone becoming involved and participating in the documentation process.


The Structure Working Group recommends the following definitions:
Occupy Wall Street Operations Groups (OGs) are groups that are contributing to the logistical and financial operations of Occupy Wall Street on a consistent basis. They are open and accessible for people to join and can only exclude people for either repeatedly disrupting the group’s process or behaving in such a way that seriously violates the GA’s Principles of Solidarity. Operations Groups must produce a written description of what they do and how people can get involved.  The Occupiers (people living in Liberty Park) are defined as an Operations Group.
Occupy Wall Street Movement Groups (MGs) are groups that are contributing to the Occupy Wall Street movement. They are autonomous and may partner with Operations Groups on a project basis.
Caucuses are self-determining groups of people that share a common experience of being systemically marginalized in society at large.  This marginalization may be based on, but not limited to, their real or perceived race, gender identity, sexuality, age, or ability.

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