Green Zone – Nonviolence Identifier

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Creation of safety zones at Occupy events will rely on appropriate signage. People will need to know what to expect. Along with a “Nine Principles” banner, this “Gandhi + King + Occupy” sign makes a clear statement.

The simplest printing alternative is to convert the image to a .GIF with a transparent background. Then where there is a yellow field, use bright yellow paper. On 8 1/2 by 11 pages, this gives visibility at a minimum of 60 years distance.

Pledge For Nonviolence

These posters discourage anti-Nonviolence acts by infiltrators and by out-and-out provocateur gangsters.

It should be possible to define an intended Green Zone by carrying as few as a couple dozen of these posters at the periphery of a protest group as large as 500 adults and their children.

Plainly, law enforcement personnel will be able to read these signs. The effect should be similar to 1960s civil rights marches, where the signed “Nine Principles” pages were shown to establish the commitments to Justice and Reconciliation.

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