Global Justice WG – MINUTES Weds Feb 8

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Wed Feb 8, 2012




#ppl: 8 – 10



  1. Online decision making – can we do this and how
  2. Report Backs – Heavy Rose Water
  3. Secure Comms – BH
  4. Occupy AIPAC – NK
  5. Web posting policy
  6. O Town Sq 2/11/12, 165 W 86th
  7. Tear Gas Teach-In Money – J



  1. Online decision making – can we do this and how
  • And how and when and why do we endorse things?
  • Is it exclusionary to make decisions online?
  • It’s sometimes good to make decisions among a group that is more committed, less open
  • PROPOSAL: We take a moderate approach and say that we mostly make decisions in person and if something is time-sensitive, we make them online;
    • And if someone objects, the decision goes to a meeting instead of remaining online
  • PROPOSALS FOR HOW: 48 hours for response time
    • Not only NO OBJECTIONS, but also at least 4 opinions are heard on email
    • IF any of those opinions are blocking, we go to an in-person meeting


  1. 2.    Report Backs – Heavy Rose Water
  • The discussion continues!
  • We feel it would be v. powerful to
  1. Follow the lead of ppl’s call or statement which seems to be being organized
  2. Make sure we coordinate among a few nations
  • Udi will resend the email from London


  1. 3.    Secure Comms – another location for followup


  1. 4.    Occupy AIPAC – NK
  • Has a pdf and some text
  • YES!  Nancy will post this!
  • Mar 2-6; main is the wknd Sat 3, Sun 4


  1. 5.    Web posting policy
  • We can post anything that we are endorsing or undertaking;
  • Proposal – we have a posting party


  1. 6.    Jeju island action planning – Shaista will go on Sat!


  1. 7.    Occupy Town Sq- Sat 1-7pm
  • Could be a great place to do outreach; is indoors; Wash Sq Park the other week went well
  • We could go and teach/table
  • Allison will be there with Anti Racism allies; having a teach in
  • Do whatever you want – teach in, flier, table; there’s a registration form or you can just email Lily; get request in by Thurs Feb 9
  • TT will be there; could maybe pitch an idea to TT
  1. 8.    Tear gas teach in money
  • Take a collection to recoup ~$150; we have $43, spent $206



NEXT Facilitator: Becky

Agenda point for next mtg:

  • How to raise money for teach ins
  • What kind of teach

Announcement – Military Families Speak Out; Feb 19, 2012; 3-6p Connelly’s 45th between 6 and 7th


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