Global Justice WG – MINUTES – Saturday, Jan 21 2012

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OWS Global Justice Working Group

Saturday, Jan 21th, 2012



1. UNAC Conference

2. Tear Gas Teach-in Critique

3. Teach-in Followup

4. Reportback from Sanctioning

5. Trans-Pacific Partnership

6. Vision Statement

7. International Solidarity Cluster

(Note: Items below are listed in the order in the originally proposed agenda. In reality, we addressed them in a different order).

1. United National Antiwar Coalition Conference – Talk to War Resisters League and working group and float to list idea to speak on panel. explain what UNAC is and what panel is about.

2. Tear Gas Teach-in Critique – Jeanne suggests tabling until deeper critique by teach-in organizers. Suggestion to have short go-round here. At larger working group at 60 Wall and then have broader critique on preparation with audience members.

– P1 – pulled off amazing teach-in short time. Things ragged around the edges. Got a lot of material and content out to people. Full house. Don’t know what people consider usual suspects, no more than 50% of the usual suspects. Mike did a kick-ass job presenting. Group discussions went well. MC wasn’t the strongest at tying things together well. Didn’t do advanced work to tie things together theoretically, but started the discussion at least. Tying together Stop Stop and Frisk, didn’t happen as strongly. The person MCing didn’t know she was MCing until 24 hours in advance. 85% awesome event, 15% put together in short time. Shouldn’t feel bad about 15%.

– P2 – drawing too many connections between Stop Stop and Frisk and Egyptian Revolution can be contrived and not helpful, but person from Stop Stop and Frisk did a good job. Next time find space that could fit more people.

– P3 – you all did a great job in a really, really short time. Agrees with P1. How to gauge success? Did two things at once. Are we primarily to build active solidarity with other sites in the world and to make explicit connections between different sites in non-symbolic and mutually beneficial ways. Intra-movement education. Educating people here. A teach-in ideally does both of those things at once, by teaching people you are building opportunities for active solidarity. This had the potential for both of those things and it is exciting for me to keep working in that way. If it is a modular education thing that can be used, put online, presented again. Ok, great we all know this stuff, what do we do. Not be satisfied with “we found this information and told you a lot about it.”

P4- agree with P1 and P3 – for short time that took to do it did pretty well, but not well planned. Adequately planned. Should have arrived at level of readiness we had day of a day earlier. Even though filled venue, our outreach was not great. Again I can’t really say how or why, usual suspects or not. How much does it resonate with community targeting before the event? Doesn’t really have finger on pulse of Occupy Wall Street. If had amazing teach-in that goes well, but we don’t hear echos of what we did from the OWS community, then we didn’t achieve at least what I hoped to achieve. Can keep pushing message out even though event is in the past. Can package this in way that is digital and disseminated. Might want to schedule rerun. I agree that the person from Stop Stop and Frisk advocated well for his agenda. Understood that his role would be to speak on the domestic aspect of militarized policing in the US and yes make a connection even if it is contrived. Maybe the decision to bring someone in specifically from Stop Stop and Frisk wasn’t the best choice.

P5- Lesson learned in terms of some logistics. When have internal sub-sub group meeting can discuss lessons learned and won’t repeat them. Positive vibe – breakout groups, people enjoyed talking, continue to integrate that type of discussion and bring energy to things. Thing in advance about framing analysis rather than lay it on MC to frame the analysis. Stop Stop and Frisk guy made connection, but was buried in his talk. Made point that Stop and Frisk policy is tamping down of community that would be resisting. People taking notes in tear gas section. Do it again and rework it and rethink it and recontextualize it. I said this in the email after I responded to Greg, stopped mid-sentence. White guy angry when people reported back and spoke to different communities different experience with police. People appreciated clarity and lack of “police are our friends” tone in OWS. Play an important role in stopping a troubling and troubled discourse in OWS.

P6 – A lot to say. First of all I think I am one of those white people who took awhile to see why Stop Stop and Frisk might have a relationship to militarized policing. Wary of false parallels that may be patronizing and demeaning. Enthusiastic about tear gas as a subject as issue that could bring together different movements around the world including Occupy Movement. One clear way that protesters in US have experienced exact same thing as protesters elsewhere. Find those parallels. In US, speaking English, this is our audience. All of the people in this group interested in international issues. Even in Occupy very little interest in international issues. If topics are too exotic people won’t pay attention. In terms of how we did. Separate issues. One is prep and planning. 2 is program. 3 is outreach. Better to get on calendar sooner People worked really hard and did well on planning. Very impressed with the way this project brought in a range of people who did not work with Occupy Wall Street before. People with a lot of experience and know-how from WRL and Adalah. Doesn’t want to diminish the enthusiasm many of those people may have. Presentation was not very good, but varied. Good in preparation of content, but didn’t have enough lead time to coordinate between presenters. Maia did a good job given what she could do, but felt pity, was up there with complex textual material and people were taking notes, but were no visuals. Should have out more emphasis on coordinating multi-media presentation. Hard to see things that were projected. Ethan overburdened by doing comic book and presentation visuals. If had lead time more things could be done. Had date in accordance with Egyptian community action today. More lead time and better coordination of presenters. Group should have editorial say.

P7- wants to wait til subcommittee.

P8 -everyone said everything. Very informative. Teargas great excuse to speak to different fights around the world. Better in a circle, not just people in the front. Model. Team was very strong. Made serious research. Very useful.

Discussion of specific thoughts? What worked and what should specifically discussed within sub-sub group. Already blurred boundaries a bit.

Useful for everyone in the group, not just logistical sub, sub, subcommittees. Quick things that wanted to mention. Should have passed the hat to pay for space. Are we following up with the person who may want notes in written form? Get video in written form. Put up as Youtube videos. Here’s link about different countries. Global Revolution video. Another guy filming. Kept trying to reach him. Skills and capacity to do video editing. Lorenzo livestreaming and reporting. Livestreaming and reporting all of the sections and hopes did that. Dan Vea has audio. Maia will see Dan Vea at another meeting tomorrow. People in Philly want notes. Would be good to give modular guide. Suggestion, would be good to write up what was in spoken form what was in Occupy Wall Street journal. The guy from Philly interested in notes, Nick Kleinman from the InterOccupy group, get presentable version of group to all cities. Educational purpose on teargas. National occupier-wide consideration of issues discussed at teach-in. How felt we were going to go about getting notes.

Q: What does he mean by giving notes? Combo of research notes, but plus things M was speaking from, then you all can touch it up and make it useable to pass on to other people.

Something to put in mix for future consideration. Keeping track of vetted articles. for blog. We have it, we could use it. Something simiar could be recreated as a group project. Primary sources to refer people to.

Quick question: Some kind of debrief among subgroup that worked on teach-in? When? Where?

A: Not sure, may go home and make some suggestions. That subgroup may need to rotate conveners. Might send some suggestions over the weekend on when to convene that. Hopefully this week. Would it be bad if the next subgroup meeting was next week? Subgroup is anyone in teargas teaching. Subsubgroup is research team.

– What’s up with website – Becky and Jeanne will meet this week to discuss. Idea for some sort of forum. A lot of forwarding of articles or desire to forward articles. Possible to have some sort of forum where we function as a group to share articles.

Once on NYCGA can set up forums there.

Have linked to GA website. Portal for articles and links to event. Website would be partly material generated, partly portal.

3. Teach-in Followup – Conversation can start online, save for larger meeting. Organically include in today’s discussion.

4. Reportback from sanctioning – NYCGA statement –

“- short statement email worked on as group. Nancy condensed to number of words it needs to be and broke up into people’s mike ready statement”

Getting on agenda requires submitting items 24 hours in advance. Get to facilitation meeting day prior to General Asempbly to confirm place on agenda. Zayd and Greg will run with short statement draft. Pop off champagne corks, but not in Zuccotti Park.

5. TPP – OWS Trade Justice invites Global Justice to send a representative to attend a meeting on Tuesday to plan an action and teach-in against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and asks a rep to participate. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a nine country free trade agreement currently being negotiated (more info at The TPP negotiators will be meeting in LA and San Diego during the first week of February. OWS Trade Justice would like Global Justice to join them in organizing the action and teach-in. We discussed sending a Glocal Justice rep rep vs. sending a message about the meeting to the list and inviting whomever can make it to participate. Does TradeJustice want an endorsement? Nothing concrete to endorse until after the Tuesday meeting. GJ will not meet again until the day before the teach-in, at which point an endorsement will not be useful. Should we endorse online? Discussion of develping an online decisonmaking process. For example, notes can be received for 48 hours. Similar rule 48/28 rule can go forth with something. Propose amendment to that process. Two positive supporters. Anyone could make ridiculous proposal.

The online decision-making process of another OWS WG, Animal Issues, was looked at as a model:

” Proposals can be made and consensed upon online or at meetings.

1. Post proposal to group with the word “Proposal” in the subject.
2. Give three days for concerns, clarifying questions and friendly amendments.
3. Post updated proposal with poll with the following options: support, block, stand aside, needs further discussion.
4. Needs further discussion stops the process for more discussion. Every person who wants to discuss the proposal further should select that option so we know how many items we are waiting to discuss.
5. Following discussion, post updated proposal with same poll options as in 3.
6. The group has three days to vote. Steps 3-6 can be repeated until all discussion is satisfied and we have consensus.

At meetings:
As already discussed. If proposals are given time limits and we reach the end of time before consensus is reached, the group may vote on whether or not they want to dedicate more time to the proposal at that meeting. If they do not, the discussion can continue on the group per the steps above. If the proposal has not yet been voted on when the next meeting comes, we can push to vote without further discussion, by consensus minus 1.

All decisions should be made ASAP, so if we don’t reach consensus on a proposal at meeting, we can take it to the group online and and vice versa.”

6. V & G – OWS Visions and Goals Group is bringing the vision statement they’ve developed to OWS to the Tuesday GA to be ratified. Adam will send vision statement to group for review with explanatory note.

7. International Solidarity Cluster – Proposal for an International Solidarity Cluster within OWS. It is suggested that this may idea may in some ways overlap what is being developed by InterOccupy. Interoccupy group that at OWS is subgroup of Movement building – Interested in international activity. Communications neutral group that puts people and working group and general assemblies in touch with one another thru conference calls – Any group can propose a conference calls using the Maestro conf call system used by InterOccupy. Throughout the week there are lots of calls between working groups at different Occupies. They are planning a direct action call every week, a media call every week. Structure on sites – use InterOccupy structure to have international communication, compilation of contact info – Jake Cabrera in Portland, Oregon enthusiastic about international issues. An OWS International Solidarity Cluster would be different than a solidarity cluster at OWS. The person who brought this proposal should read the email Ezra (Ezer?) sent to the email list about the

Next Week’s Meeting: Sat @ 3PM

Agenda Items – Jeanne will do it.

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