Global Justice WG MINUTES – Jan 28, Sat 3-5pm

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Jan 28, Sat 3-5pm
no. ppl: 6 – 9

– went smoothly, a few questions about if this is related to external groups; concern about whether we could be co-opted by external/international groups

– P asks: can we have an article sharing; maybe links to news, attachments; this wouldn’t be the most emphasized stuff, but
– we can all blog here!

3. MEDIA From Team gas teach in – JEANNE
-atiq and lorenzo have content; Jeanne will ask how much footage, we can get it if we give the guys a drive

4. Russel Tribunal on Palestine, Frank Barat; will be here April – JEANNE
– they are interested in visiting in April; hosting “denial of the right of self determination”
– Jeanne will share proposal when she gets it

5. AIPAC – Mar 2-6; Nancy not here, but we talk about AIPAC
– follow up from last time, we could try to get a GA endorsement
– Code Pink is trying to get folks on buses

6. Movement for Justice en El Barrio – BECKY read
– we endorse!

7. Left Forum – Jan 31 decision; SHAISTA and MAYA put this on the agenda
– we’re tabling until Shaista and Maya are here

8. Plan to participate in local solidarity for Bahrain – Feb 5; SHAISTA and MAYA put this on the agenda
– we’re tabling until Shaista and Maya are here

9. Israeli Apartheid Week; Feb 26-Mar 2; ZAYD
– site is not up yet with info for NYC
– P: this is an intl event that happens across the world; US dates Feb 26-Mar 2; this is the 8th intl Israeli Apartheid week and the 6th to be held in nyc; advances an analysis of Israel/Palestine through an apartheid lens; lots of NYC ors are signed on
– some event details: Omar Barghouti speaking around NYC; Adellah NY doing a panel on solidarity; Artists against apartheid doing a concert and a workshop; Hunter SJP screening “Roadmap to apartheid” with director talks; Siege Busters and Existance and Resistance; Queers against Israeli apartheid; Adellah NY will do a street action
– P: how do we interact with the GA — if we move it through the larger mechanism, how do we impact this event and tie it into what’s going on?; we need to think about discourse; how do we as Occupy break down those discursive barriers; how can we move the discourse, tie OWS to this
– P: we could get in touch with the AntiWar working group; what can we do productively for march; what is the point of talking to GA
– P: good point; we, as a working group will be out in front on this; proposes that we do a basic Teach-In, “There is this discourse, what does it mean?” — Proposes a Teach-In; Adellah did a human mic statement of solidarity by the Boycott National Committee
– P: brainstorming what might work for 2 diff audiences ppl who could participate — 1: middle of the road, non-radical OWSers; 2: left/radical activists; we could try to provide to this 2nd group — analysis of Isreal/Palestine that highlights (1) the international dimension/US imperial involvement (2) how, if you infuse this analysis into domestic political movements, it strengthens them; can use it as a case study as a piece of imperialism/global injustice and provide it to other groups
– P: I like this approach, it’s really strategic; a goal of ours is to tie these narratives together; a problem, BDS says that we need an embargo, which i support, but becomes hard to explain — why embargo on Isreal and not another place?
– P: this is a valid point and it’s been brought up in the past, but in terms of what political forms are available now that we can mobilize ppl for — BDS has an advantage; we don’t have to endorse BDS
– P: can we use Tear Gas research/group?
– P: really happy to be having this conversation; wants to think about something other than a teach in — we haven’t evaluated our performance on the last and this last one was rushed; if we are going to do our own event, ti’s the same time frame and we’d have to improve, and this is more challenging; this would be a substantial undertaking; alternative pick one or several events and participate/support; we need to be very clear about what is our goal and objective as a WG — interfacing with activists abroad and engaging OWS and imbue it with a global narrative; a teach in open to everyone; trying to think how do we get OWS on board
– P: an answer to “why bds in Isreal” — we say, because Palestinian civil society groups are asking for this; support for this is an answer to a global call; maybe find an event that exists already and support it
– P: an Israeli Apartheid event needs to highlight BDS and also apartheid lens; to Ezer’s point, let’s think about solidarity; highlight the leaders that are on the ground
– P: let’s prepare for 1 event; AIPEC is also around same time, let’s choose one; if we are having an event, we need more ppl; we could work with other ors
– P: how can we participate? can others help us understand BDS
– P: we should probe educate generally and not just BDS
– P: interested in making a podcast out of whatever audio we have
– P: there’s a group called Jews For Conscience, Code Pink, we can do more research; more creative actions and building coalitions
– P: QUESTION – what is the time frame between Occupy AIPAC and this?
– P: they overlap
– PROPOSAL: maybe we can try to highlight the two; and we do inreach and outreach
– P: I have a great recording from previous Isreali Apartheid; we might want to endorse Adellah analysis b/c they are talking generally about Solidarity
– P: we could do something more creative like have a dialogue
– P: we could endorse, but that would mean that we would need to do outreach
– P: we would need ppl to volunteer to do the work if we agree to do it
– P : there are things we can do in OWS; could create actions with video/our own media
– P:  capacity is an issue and there is a lot going on; who would make our own event vs participating in another
– P: can we do a promotional campaign
– P: in terms of doing another teach in; it doesn’t have to happen in these 2 weeks, we could do it as a follow up
– P: and if we do a promo campaign, we can take responsibility to bring back our learning to OWS
PROPOSAL: that we put forth an endorsement† on the NYCGA site and have a resource list and once the events are listed, choose one that we will announce at the GA with info about how to get involved; AND ask event producer of the event we choose, how can we contribute as OWS; ALSO when we go to these events, collect contacts and bring back; WE CONSENSE
Resource list for email: Udi, Nancy, Alison, Zayd, Shaista

10. Movement building Cluster and International interocc – GREG and EZER
TUES 2pm call; details sent from Ezer; Greg, Ezer, Shaista, Becky will join it and do a report back
– P: Interocc wants to start an international list and international regular calls; got moved to TUES @2pm; international calls to organize days of action together; this is what we’re all about; the way interocc works, it’s a group all over the US; already have a group of 12-13 regulars who do domestic stuff; want to form a subgroup for international and they have offered us to push this ahead; would require linking up with Jay and recruiting other ppl from the US, meeting online and thinking together
– P: we don’t’ really know what this will entail;

– P: Movement Bldg/Outreach Cluster — is forming; this may be an official way to communicate with Movement bldg wg; Cluster meeting Once every 2 weeks either MTW night; alternate week, will be an outreach cluster mtg
– P: let’s participate and bring the other global groups to the Movemnt Bldg cluster
  – PROPOSAL – CONSENSUS REACHED – we will attend Movement Building Cluster
-P: GREG and EZER – will send out instructions for getting on the the Tues call if they are diff and will send out info about cluster meeting time

10. Plan to participate in local solidarity for Bahrain – Feb 5 submissions for Feb 12 open mic; SHAISTA and MAIA put this on the agenda
– SHAISTA will email Maya and ask if and how she will be participating
– the Tear Gas group will continue discussion on Thurs mtg
– CONSENSUS – we endorse this event

11. Left Forum – Jan 31 decision; SHAISTA and MAIA put this on the agenda
– lots of confused discussion
– re-tabling until Maya can give more info.

it’s 4:53, so we’re going to talk about OCCUPY APAC and table the rest till next time

12. Occupy APAC, Mar 2-6, main 3-5 – NANCY
– P: questions — what do you think about the bus and should we take this to the GA?
– P: let’s just announce and not get the GA endorsement
– P: what are the mechanisms to reach out to OWS?
– P: get a good flier that speaks to OWS

13. PROPOSAL – UDI setting up doodle poll for a non-specific week so we can find a time; see if there’s something better than Sat 3pm

– Action Items: Becky and Jeanne help Ali coordinate Agenda
– early education about iran

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