Global Dem MINUTES – Sat 12/3/2011

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1. Intros

p = “person”

  • p1: involved around when egypt conversation was starting; How we can practice solidarity at home
  • p2: movement building, v involved in Egypt delegation; interested larger movement building (international); important to establish outside of movement
  • p3: priorities are outside; MENA and Africa; v. important as Americans to create some kind of antiwar movement
  • p4: Isreali-Canadian; wall street itself is international, so it only makes sense for us to collaborate around the world; how easy it is for people to share the same values to collaborate; critique wall street’s involvement in the world – military industrial complex, foreign policy; to start thinking outside of the nation-state framework
  • p5: live in Queens; rest of the world has been grappling with the reality of financial crisis for a while; makes sense to place occupy in the global fight against capitalist expansion; involved in Jeju Island work farmers fighting against US Mil base; how to collaborate on these things
  • p6: lived abroad in middle east for years; excited about Arab spring and European movements; would be a big loss to not make these connections clear; cares to figure out how to tell a better story about this – how can we talk about how struggles are related; studied profit made off of peace industry – so much money is in the system; wants to be able to talk about how American capitalism is fundamentally propped up by oppression worldwide; interested in what kinds of solidarity actions can be and will be
  • p7: interested in person to person ocnnections internationally and what solidarity acts might look like
  • p8: very interested in what global solidarity work looks like
  • p9: looking for a niche at occupy
  • p10: checking out OWS, came to wall to see what was happening; was in peace corps, sees global ties
  • p11: interested in post-nation state
  • p12: a hunger strike against fast food companies for 2% of their profits to go towards counteracting global warming; tying global warming and food rights

2. popcorn

  • What is happening globally focused already?
    • Movement building – international calls for action come to Movement Building because there wasn’t another international group; might be a gap in Movement Building
    • Rev Talks – has international potential; a group grew out of movement building; wants to stimulate discussion with international activists around the world; to talk about practical things – how do you get a grassroots movement going; how do you foster international cooperation on a larger scale
    • POC – have engaged in
    • Immigrant justice –
    • Trade Justice – free trade agreements; Adam Weisman (get contact from Hyun)
    • Interocc/international –
    • Think Tank –
    • UN Earth summit – talking a lot about post-nation state mindset; talking about sending a delegation to Rio;
    • We have lots of neighbors in the city from other countries – very powerful tool/resource within and outside of the movement
    • Occupy has relationships with international organizations
    • 350 has expressed solidarity
    • groups around town – revolutionary councils
    • Take the square/global assemblies – host conference calls
    • In March – there will be a gathering in Tunisia; North African Social Forum


  • WHAT are we reaching out to FOR? – EMI drafting emails
    • TO INTERNATIONAL GROUPS — to start dialogue around what solidarity means between us
    • TO NY/OWS — to invite as equals at the table


list of groups we’ll reach out to and who will reach out

    • Code Pink – LEAH
    • Adalah – MAIA
    • UNAC – BECKY
    • Immigrant labor justice working group — EZER
    • Trade justice – LEAH (get contact from Hyun)
    • POC — Becky
    • UN Earth Summit — CLIFF
    • Movement Building – EZER, LEAH, GREG
    • Decolonize working group — MAIA
    • 350 – CLIFF
    • climate change — CLIFF
    • activists and organizations that are internationally based
      • South Asia Solidarity – MAIA
    • Bayan USA – BECKY (ask Hyun)
    • Nodutdol — BECKY
    • War Resistors League, Iraq and Afghanistan Vets v War – MAIA
    • Tibet Action Network — BECKY
    • Students for a Free Tibet – BECKY
    • Occupy Marines — JONATHAN
    • Occupy el Barrio — BECKY
    • Direct Action – LEAH
    • Occupy the boroughs – LEAH
    • Sept 17 — LEAH
    • NY Budget Cuts — LEAH
    • GA, LEAH and BECKY
  • Consider: people will get involved if there’s something to do; clear call to action
  • London: wanted to make a global mission statement


  • OUTREACH: get more people involved
  • HERE: Raise awareness about other movements; how are we in the same story
    • Neoliberalism and globalization
    • War economy and domestic inequity links
  • PLUG INTO: international calls; make personal contacts
  • ASK OTHERS: What does solidarity look like?
    • People internationally recognize that we’re part of a large song of life
    • The history of these movements is important; has powerful political impact
  • ACTIONS: get requests often to hold solidarity actions
    • Global Day of ACTION – with a global story;
    • Infuse actions with explicit links
    • NOT like this to be – doesn’t want this to be a group that declares something, but how it manages to provoke action within GA; transparent, reporting back to spokes; sees lots of patriarchal looking for the ideal other and not really looking how the relationships can benefit both sides
  • WHAT’S VIABLE/POSSIBLE – could have events/actions on issues like examining military budget, where are your tax dollars going;
  • WHAT STORIES? – human rights; housing, education, healthcare and a job that works for your community and you are human rights; plug into other actions already underway, to put a global story into them
  • DELEGATIONS? – if we ever do send out delegations; call in people who already work in those places or have expertise; lessons learned from Movement Building
  • WEB STORIES – showing that OWS is paying attention to issues in other countries
  • Ideas for future talks


o   Something about MLK

o   Connections between

o   Leader from an immigrant community

o   Ask speakers – depending on the contacts

o   Ourselves? Ezer USAID, Emi?, Becky?

o   Housing working group?

o   Climate change

o   NGO industrial complex – Oz? Ezer?

o   Local solutions — Housing as a human right

o   Design a program – CLIFF

  • What are we?
    • Movement building subgroup?


  • Visit Take the Square the site – ALL
  • Get on the Take the Square call – CLIFF, EMI, GREG, BECKY
  • Next Sat Meet 1:30pm; Zuccotti
  • Dec 10, 2pm-3pm – first action!  Talks in the park OR 60 Wall
    • Do it with Think Tank
    • Human Rights – tying US imperialism and human rights; and also tying it into the lived experience of Americans
      • Oz? – Haliburtan; BECKY will ask
      • Defend the Egyptian Rev Ad Hoc Group – BECKY will ask
      • Ezer – USAID, Peace Corps
    • Tea – GREG
    • Announce it – ZAYD
  • Follow up Meeting – 3pm – 5p
    • 20 min where someone talks about international solidarity something something
    • Reports back from international calls
    • How did the talks go?  Do it again, organize something else?
    • Proposals for potential actions
    • What do we call ourselves?
  • Outreach – ZAYD
    • EMI – drafting emails


  • Small email list – BECKY setting up
    • Who is on it? — anyone who comes to a meeting can be on this list
    • Please introduce yourself; let us know how often you’re on email
    • Please don’t copy/paste
    • If you are at a meeting, you can give and email
  • Large email list – BECKY
    • Not about organizing HERE, about outreach

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