FWG Meeting Minutes 3.6.12

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tuesday 3.6.12 4-5.30p

facilitation working group minutes

facilitation: Melanie

minutes: Mark


agenda items

  1. take money out of ga discussion as an agenda item on thursdays ga
  2. proposal for thursday’s ga
  3. breakout group conversation
  4. ct butler’s trip around the “world”


report backs

  1. daniel reports yesterdays spokes council was easy and went really well. Speaking about marisa, tashy and nicole’s proposal was discussed. daniel comments that spokes is becoming very functional while the ga is becoming more dysfunctional.





david is speaking about a proposal on thursday . proposal is that one ga a week should be for movement building and not proposals. David would like somebody to bring forward a friendly amendment to this proposal since he wont be here.



breakout groups in ga. During the concerns process there should be breakout groups so everybodys voice is heard. This would facilitate quick feedback. Everybody gets to speak thanks to breakouts. Daniel is talking about this. Justin’s concern is that facilitator would be perceived as having more power. Recommendation by sati that we should all attend ct butler’s workshop and try to improve the ga.



ct butler report back. Field consensus collective member. Workshop offered march 10-11 $50-$100 to attend. 9a-6p on both days. Down the street 120 wall street 10th floor – wbai – cant get in without registering. Register with wren tuatha fiopa@consensus.net 410 458 2310. Book called “consensus for cities” by ct butler is a must read for facilitators. There is a concept now for setting up consensus for 100k people. Small clusters can let their voice be heard through a spoke. #occupywallstreet currently does not have a structure according to ct butler.


Team for tonights ga has been set. Leah, mark are facilitators.



take money out of ga and move money making decisions to the spokes council to eliminate abuse of money. Accountability would be ensured through working groups. Suggestion for having an alternative currency within the movement. Somebody suggested that maybe money is not the problem.


Facilitation feedback


Bring back the greeter




  1. gentleman from staten island will be in court. Wants to know how to approach the “in”justice system.
  2. 11.45a tomorrow 40th street and 3rd avenue occupy faith action. Set up beds in front of the governors office.



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