FWG Meeting Minutes – 2/16/12 – 4pm @ 60 Wall St.

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Announcements and Reportbacks: 5 mins

Nathan, Last nights sc:
Town planning proposal, now have a quorum, minimum of 20 people, livestreamer, minutes, 7 wg and 1 caucus.
How to keep facilitators safe
Team did a great job, Some bias

Messaging mtg, yesterday, OWS needs a message, should do an action for tax day, As big as the Boston tea party.
Money has to be taken out of politics, not sure how though.

Anthony not facilitating til March, but will do training

Facilitation will not do GA or SC without a full team, but commit to doing trainings to get new training. Will do abridged training pulling out of crowd for new people.
Vibes training at Charlottes place at 3 pm Friday

Financial point person for facilitation
Max and Brian have stepped back. Need new person/people.
Showing up to meetings, sign off on metrocards.
David and Corey are new financial point people, consensus.

Alternative facilitation
Designed for self organizing and emergence
Train facilitators how to do it, 1 facilitator can do 800 people. Training can be done with at least two hours
Friday night 6 pm, 235 w. 35th St, unity hall.Next on 2/24
Nathan would bottom line open spaces every other Sunday alternating with the Fridays

Facilitation bringing discussions to GA
Groups come for proposals and then leave
The GA should have time for growth oriented discussions
How do we implement this? By proposal or have facilitation just do it?
Someone will make an announcement that this is an option at GA. Lady will do this tonight.

2/20 emergency facilitation mtg at action
4pm at 125th and Adam Clayton Blvd after solidarity march for prisoners.

FA: have Alejandro setup an agenda prior to then.
Posted on nycga.net and sent out to facilitation wg email

Nick will bottom line facilitation team for Sat

Feedback for facilitation: 5 mins

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