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Fun”(D)” Hub Minutes 2-27 Godzilla Monster Theme

#Yuri, #Brian, #Raven, Andrew, Felix, #Tim Baker, #Chris B, Isizaa, Rober, Dillan, Toney

metro slips for Fun”(D)” Hub will be given out ONLY at Monday meetings on a 1st come 1st serve basis
be there or miss out… # identifies members getting metro cards this week ..

Reportback for Tomkins pop-up
~Hugger was a falure only raised 2$
~Occupy west park raised 62$
~Wire works raised 63$ for Bike coalition
~Lauren 50$
` Screen printers – sucsessfull


F29 Raise fund to be put into a Fun”(D)” Hub Account for future projects


~Idea for an autonomous action Andrew/Brian
Organize small groups of 10-20 people to help squats raise own funds ~twinkles all around


Possible 86th west park concert comedy show – ppl stage?


`report back – Tony
Bike repairs/cares and teach`in Tuesdays 3pm



Next S.Meeting ~Friday 5:30 BE THERE

~emergency Meeting 2-28 proposal ~ Metro Minutes separate from regular minutes ~ Consensus
In Attendance: Jack, Jack, Raven, Chris B, Yuri

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