Feminist General Assembly Planning Meeting Minutes 06/13

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                                                                                          Meeting Minutes 6/13
Whole Foods
Convened at 7 pm

In attendance:
Margo – popped in

We got flyers and stickers for the 2nd Feminist General Assembly.

We discussed the agenda that we have so far for the Feminist General Assembly:
We have:

  • Drumming – Lorena and friends?, Tif?
  • Intro  – Lorena, Dior, and Lisa will talk about Feminism and LGBT issues with regard to their commonalities of oppression.
    • The talk will become the sign-painting action.
    • The action will start with the “AA incident” over the T-shirts and we will bring out the sign “If I wanted the Gov’t in my womb I would F**K a senator”
    • Then to kick off Pride week, we will bring out the sign “If I wanted the Gov’t in my room, I’d F**K a Senator”
      • We agreed that the signs must be appropriate for kids – instead of FUCK we will use F**K, or maybe EF, or F.
    • Lisa will supply the paint, the brushes and the cardboard.
    • Everyone will be able to make their own signs and if they need help we will be around to help.
    • We will gather all of the signs and those who would like to participate in the Bob Dylan style video can do so right after the General Assembly.
    • We will ask the General Assembly where they would like to see the video appear.
  • Triads – Jill will Facilitate.
    • She will explain the challenge we have been experiencing with issues of language and safe spaces and ask the GA to talk about this in the triad
  • Break out groups- Alix will Facilitate this- she will give questions and ask the groups discuss the questions and to pay attention to any new insights that come out of the discussion
  • Report backs
  • Announcements
    • We will announce that we will make the video at the Arch as it is well lit.


  • Janet said that we should not do the same each time – we must have something different for each General Assembly
  • We talked about wanting to talk with Tif because he was feeling that he did not quite belong and we feel that we may not have warmed up to him for various reasons including our own feelings of a history of stepping back for males etc.  We want to have some real communication about this situation.
  • We discussed the different options for doing the announcements at the General Assembly and decided it was best to do it at the end.
  • We need to know where the bathrooms are so that we can make it known to the General Assembly
  • Janet suggested that Lisa paint signs of the values we had named at the 1st GA and make verbal references to them so as to continue this convo and let everyone know that they are being heard.
  • We will film the video at the Arch after the meeting.  It will be just a citizen journalist style.We met Andrew through Janet who is a videographer who will shoot the action video.
  • The Facilitation meeting will be at Lisa’s house on Sunday, the 17th, at 6:30, .
    • Those who are planning to attend can rsvp for address.
    • After the Sunday meeting we will have a ‘sign-painting party’ so that we can have a lot of signs already made for those who don’t feel like painting them at the action.
  • We discussed that we should make a list of all of the roles that need to be filled to produce the Feminist GA and we will choose them through email – that way we know that that is what we will be bottom-lining at each GA – we can save time that way.

The meeting ended at 8:40 pm

Addendum(?) – The curse word in the action will be replaced  – so, let’s get creative!

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