Feminist General Assembly Planning Meeting Minutes 06.17.12

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Here are notes from the meeting of the Feminist GA planning group, convened on 6/17/12 at 6:00 pm at Union Square (north side) following WOWs meeting. Janet facilitated first, Melanie second. Present (eventually) were: Tiff, Marie, Janet, Melanie G, Margo, Alix, Yokiko, Maureen, Malu, Lorena.


We made an agenda for tonight, which was mainly to discuss agenda and assign facilitation tasks for tomorrow’s 2nd Feminist GA in Wash Sq Park. I’m organizing tonight’s minutes not chronologically but rather following the 2nd Feminist GA agenda. Facilitators listed below inBoldface. But first, some general, non-agenda remarks.


General: Facilitators are to arrive at 6:00 pm for 6:30 start of Fem GA.

Jill will be timekeeper throughout with her bell.

Margo will be stack-greeter and also vibe checker.

Malu suggested not having a translator but that we translate the writing that comes out of 2ndFem GA. We agreed.

Mel pointed out that we still do not have a note-taker for the whole GA!

Tiff asked if we have a general facilitator, people said no, Margo thought it a good idea for future FGAs.


Yukiko will make copies of the breakout group questions to give to group facilitators, and will also make copies of the CR question, without the list of terms.


At a prior meeting Dior said she will make sign-up sheets with extra columns for people to check off: I signed up at 1st Fem GA; which list I want to be on (Fem GA announcements/ Fem GA planning gp?); sorry but I don’t remember what else …


Fem GA Agenda

  1. Drumming:  Lorena and anyone else who drums, including Tiff.


  1. Welcoming Introductions 

After much discussion, we decided to have the 3 introducers strictly limited to one minute each (plus mike check), to make only general welcoming comments, and to reflect a personal take on this Fem GA, but no political statements. The 3 are:Lorena (who will mention a certain current outrage and will also announce live-streaming rules, and that there will be a photo op later); Tiff (who may briefly mention a statistic or 2); and Jennifer (will someone tell her decisions about content of intros?).


  1. CR Triads

Jill facilitates. She instructs us to form groups of 3, with each person speaking for 5 min while other 2 listen (as at 1st FGA), for a total of 15 min., and to address the following question:


What words, names, or terms have you had trouble using or receiving or been criticized for using?” She’ll say that some of us have had problems with certain terms like: feminism, sisterhood, dyke, queer, war on women, gay, slut, . . .

Jill will decide which words to list as examples, and she’ll ask, What has been your personal experience with language?  During CR Jill will keep strict time.


  1. Breakout Groups of about 10 people, to last 45 min plus 10-min extension(s) if needed.  Alix facilitates, reading the following 2 questions (agreed on at tonight’s meeting after much discussion):


1) How did the feminist, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer movements (LGBTQ) influence each other?


2) How can we collaborate toward goals of gender and sexual justice and freedom?


Alix will explain the sign-up sheets (which Dior will bring) and ask each group to choose a note-taker, time-keeper, stack-taker (if needed), and someone to write the report back. Then Janet will describe what generally should be in the report backs.

At 30 min, timekeeper Jill will announce there are 15 min left for groups to compose their report backs, unless after vibe check she extends discussion time.

How will we make sure that each group has a facilitator?


  1. Report Backs: Marie facilitates, saying that each report back will take 3 min max, and here is our timekeeper (pointing to Jill). 


  1. Margo announces that a photo op will follow Feminist Announcements.


  1. Feminist Announcements: Maureen suggested only feminist announcements be permitted before the photo op, & any other announcements should follow photo. Lorena suggested announcers stand up where they are, not form a line. We agreed to both suggestions. Margo will be stack-greeter, checking that each proposed announcement is feminist. Yukiko tells these rules and also that announcements must be 30 seconds max. Jill will keep & Yukiko will enforce 30-second limit.


  1. Photo Op with Signs: we will stand in a line holding signs. Sign bringer (Sarah?) will consult on when & how to show signs. Yukiko would like them to be seen early, before photo, so she & others can choose the sign we want to hold.


Minutes submitted by Alix.

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