Feminist GA Planning Meeting Notes 7/10/12 (phone)

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Here are the minutes of our phone meeting tonight.  I took notes only of the decisions we came to.  Please keep in mind that some of us will also be at the meeting on Thursday.

Present; Margo, Lorena, Janet, Mel (facilitator, notes)

Proposed agenda;
1. Do we include a speak out?  How long, how many people, how run? – everyone agreed we should have 2-3 minute (for a total of no more than 45 mins) speak-outs with facilitation, Margo as time keeper, Margo reads opening statement, (and will email it to the group for edits, etc) … Lorena on progressive stack, then we get into open space reacting to the speak outs
2. Finalizing the flier.  – finalized, Lorena and Mel will figure out which of us can pick up.  Hoping it’s done by Thursday.
3. Finalizing the call out email. – fine as is with Alix’s last edits.  Mel will send in the morning.
4. Who will facilitate?  How long should each section be?
– 30-45 mins for speak out – Margo introduces and uses the guidelines from the Nat Gat FemGA (but take out the “man hating” comment – Lorena)
-15 minutes of intro to Open Space – Janet and Malu introduce – we give each host a large paper for harvest, and ask them to find a space
-1 hour conversation with harvest
-IF there is time, we will do very brief report backs (3 main points from each group)
-Harvest will be photographed and posted on Tumblr, FB, NYCGA
5. Next meeting time and place (facilitators). – Sunday after Theater of the Oppressed workshop (6:30 – Union Sq North side)

PROPOSAL:  Janet and I propose that we make WOWs meetings become our check-in portion of FemGA planning, and be an hour long.  We can choose a day of the week (possibly Thursday since that seems to have been the day we picked most) and have both meetings consecutively.  So, we begin WOWs at 6, and move to FemGA planning at 7 on the same day.  Whoever wants to come to WOWs, can come earlier.  That way, we get to have free form conversation, and work out dynamics and such before beginning planning.

The only decisions made tonight that are final are for the flier and the email.  We agreed that the GA can change according to who is there, and that we should allow the people gathered to make decisions about how long to speak, and whether to have report backs, etc…  Please contribute your comments.  We will finalize by Sunday.


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