Feminist GA Planning Meeting Notes 6.4.12

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NEXT MTG IS Monday 7pm @ John Jay, room TBA

Present; Margo, Lisa, Jill, Dior, Alix, Melanie (by Skype – note taker), Lorena

1 – updates:
– joy of resistance
– list rules (will decide in WOWs mtg)
report backs/action items from last ga
formal invite text
2. consensus on tasks
movimiento statement (this is a WOWs task)
union orgs emails (should also be WOWs task)
women w vision (nola)
skill shares
Theater of the Oppressed
solidarity page/partner requests
wow/femga housekeeping
– manifesto
tyranny of structurelessness
– list/google group issues/rules
– decision making
– ga changes


Margo: We should talk about messaging for Joy of R
Points Recap Example Point

Lisa: Be in control of our narrative, Make a list of all things, good and bad, and decide how you will answer

Jill: MNN asked us back, we will all go (didn’t decide when, so I reached out to them)

Margo and Lorena will split wowsnyc email

Dior will email notes she took.

CONSENSUS procedures;
Quorum – Lisa thinks we may need more than 6 ppl to make decisions

Alix – a lot of ppl are away in the summer and we may not get 6, lets make it 5 as quorum,

Mel – proposer, or stake holder must be present

Lisa – there is a good reason for proposer to be there for clarifying questions etc… Skype should be acceptable as being there.

items in bold were consented to

Alix: next item should be agenda and action items for GA so lets do report backs from the last one

Lisa: Tiff wants to make a 10 minute announcement, but not sure, he is feeling at odds, and doesn’t want mic check, Lisa will talk with Tiff

Alix: We need mic check for the audience, and we can’t do more than 5 minutes, and no one is giving speeches, so it would seem unfair to have one person do so

Lisa and Mel agree no speeches

Lisa: we should start thinking in terms of actions


Alix spoke with some folks who do this every week, they need people to be escorts and defenders.  We may need to be flexible with where we can go and when.  Alix says we can say that we will be doing it, and will share it in email.

Margo:  Main clinic is in the Bronx.  We should go to that one.  Mel agrees

Alix we don’t have to go to their mtg, just show up to the clinic.  Being the escort is important.  Alix will email group about this and we will try to go as a group.

Lisa suggests we ask the women who do the defense to come speak at the GA. Alix will do this.


Dior – reads from report backs – “use of art is a way to accomplish a lot.“

Mel – include some kind of art in FemGA, had music last time, maybe do visual this time

Dior continues reading – Protests, marches, meetings, and more discussions

Lisa – women who are incarcerated – solidarity – laws made for people of color – want to be in solidarity with ppl who r most oppressed, female veterans, intersectionality

Lorena – we should also be making ppl more aware of global issues, teach ins or films about women in other countries

Lisa – having teach ins to help us be self sufficient, skill building

Margo – maybe we can get a theater to show movies, WOWs women in theater/film fest?

?- that would take money we don’t have and fundraising presents a problem re taxes.

Dior – maybe we can make a list of films and email it to the group?

Alix – back in the 70s, there used to be a weekly gathering outside women’s house of detention, for a year, and they closed the prison and moved it, where we couldn’t get to.  Not great, but shows our action created a change.  Easy action, show up at the prison with songs and slogans.  I also like the idea of getting OWS to be feminist, what would do it?

Mel – just read an article about a women’s detention center currently in Chelsea where people demonstrated by banging pots and singing on Mother’s Day.

Lisa – we could do that

Alix – a long time ago, to shame men we insisted that they do childcare, now it’s more normal, but how do we assign men at occupy to attend the FemGA, maybe we say we will hold 3 places in each break out group for men from Occupy they need to fill?

Lisa – we can plan skill shares with WGs, to let them know what we are doing, to tap into the resources there, and get rid of specialist status among groups,

Alix – back then we learned auto repair, and electrical, construction,

Mel – maybe we will have more ideas about getting men involved when we go to the Paradigm Shift event this wednesday, also we can have t shirts “this is what a feminist looks like”, and promote men wearing them (maybe screen printers?)


Alix – Keep the same stuff, and make the flier

Mel – agreed

Dior – incorporate things ppl said at last GA in invitation DIOR WILL write tonite, and we will edit/consent by Thursday nite, Friday am send!

Lisa – we should show what we learned

Mel – flier should be simple, just an announcement, do we want White Hat, YES



-DIOR will add link to WOWs on NYCGA to solidarity letter and we will send it out


Margo suggests she can use wows email to reply to the occupy university

Alix – clarifying – occu u has been preparing modules to bring to pop up occupations, do we want a module?

Mel – should we talk about that in WOWS since this mtg is about FemGA, and our agenda is pretty long tonight


Lisa – sex workers had to register as a sex offender, and it was a felony, they changed this, and now are having arson happen to them

Dior – nervous about taking a stance on this without knowing the org

Alix – group we don’t know, we might be setting a precedent, we just don’t know them, or their background, history, etc…

Lisa – been doing research on them, but don’t know a lot, they were asking for funds, I asked for a list of what they needed

Mel – since this is all the way in NOLA, we might be setting a precedent for including groups worldwide, and we don’t have the “woman power” to handle that


Mel – list rules are important, Dior says we don’t have time, meeting is pretty much done

Alix – what can we do to focus on lgbt issues in this FemGA?

Lisa – Tiff can open the GA,  give him 5 minutes to talk about issues

Mel – proposes consciousness raising triads focus on LGBT – ask LGBT caucus to intro that section, spend 15 minutes talking about peoples experiences relating to LGBT issues

Margo – people opening GA should be female bodied/identified

Mel – how about before the triads, we all get up and use the one sentence at a time storytelling game to open the GA?  It’s creative, and we can write it together like the exquisite corpse exercise?

? – we can discuss online?

Alix – at next meeting lets talk only about FemGA

Dior – if ppl can’t make it, we will have to do this without them, not being mean, just practical

NEXT MTG IS Monday 7pm @ John Jay ONLY ABOUT FEMGA:  Dior offers to bottom line agenda

Lisa – will put text into the flier, and Mel will get flier to Occu Copy asap.

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