Feminist GA Planning Meeting Notes 5.31.12

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Minutes from Thursday May. 31 meeting – Present: Alex, Marie, Lisa, Lorena, Jill and Judith

1. it is suggested that Lisa send out the thank you and Fem GA 2 location info since she know which list is which.  She agrees (now I read that Mel is doing it today).  Rain date is June 19th for FemGA, location is Washington Sq. Park, there was discussion about highlighting Tiff’s group (Fairies _____ ?) since it’s Gay Pride Week.  Lise offered to contact him.  The group will be able to speak for 5 minutes – really 10 including Mic Check
2. For third Fem GA in July we discussed reaching out to Movimiento and having it somewhere in El Barrio – possibly the North East end of Central Park.
3. Those at the meeting agreed that formally endorsing other orgs or groups can get complicated.  We agreed that attending and supporting programs by our presence was a better way to go.
4. Lisa and Lorena will make a FB page for Fem GA and we’ll use that to start the values thread.  This will be introduced at next Fem Ga.
5. For next Fem GA – since we went so long over time we agreed that for the next one there should be no speeches or scripts.  Also breakout groups should be no more than 10 people.  This means that the groups will have more time to share ideas but there will be more groups so we’ll also need additional time for Report Backs.
6. The OWS GA’s introduced the folks ‘leading’ the GA and then ask the group if they are ok with this. We agreed this was a nice way to introduce consensus and want to do that for our.
7. Take Back the Future is in contact with women’s union Org. and they will be part of Occupy Univ. Feminist course.   Does Fem Ga want to plan something for OCCU?
8. Lisa (IT wonder woman) is making a great flier for next Fem GA.

9. The next meeting is on Monday June 4th from 7-9 at John Jay, 899 Tenth Avenue between 58th and 59th Sts. in the Sociology Dept. room 520. Walk straight ahead down the hall and the conference room is on the right.

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